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Online gaming is a global business that provides casino, bingo, lotto, poker, sports betting and many other gambling services via the Internet. Nowadays, online gaming generates huge annual income that brings millions in tax money to the countries or territories that either allow gaming activities or provide licensing and regulation for companies that provide casino services. Normally, casino licensing and local legislations are not the most entertaining topics for discussion and many players tend to avoid them. However, it may be very helpful to find out more about the legal affairs behind games, promotions, VIP programs and all the other stuff that attracts the player’s attention in the first place.

It’s hard to argue that safety is one of the first issues you think about when you are choosing a casino to play. But how can a player understand how trustworthy the casino is? Well, there are some things you have to check when you’re examining a new online casino to ensure that you can deposit funds without any concerns. For instance, it will be smart to look through the web searching for reliable reviews and customer feedback about that casino. Still, those can be subjective or intentionally negative if they are written by the competitors, and you need to have an eye to this fact. Awards and credentials granted by influential iGaming media, organizations, third-party auditors or any other industry-related entities are a more trustworthy proof of reliability in this case. Also, it’s good to find out that a casino is cooperating with third-party auditors that act as independent dispute-solving authorities. However, the essential thing you need to consider is the casino license, a major legal credential that defines the rules and limitations of casino operation and maintenance. In this regard, El Royale can boast a particularly trusted Curacao license.

Casino license is a type of legal certificate that defines the procedures, standards, limitations, terms and conditions for an online gambling venue. To get the license, a newly-established brand needs to provide a number of documents that prove the legality of the casino and the potential to operate according to certain rules and legislations. There are numerous online casino licenses and each has its clear specifics - some allow to operate almost everywhere, while some allow operating only in some regions.

There is a great deal of licensing authorities all over the world, but here we are going to focus on the most popular ones. If you’re not a newbie in the world of online gaming, you will probably recognize such licenses as Malta Gaming Authority, Kahnawake Gaming Commission, UK Gambling Authority, Alderney Gambling Commission, Curacao eGaming, Gibraltar Gambling Ordinance and others. As you see, most of those licenses are granted and supported by governments of different countries but not by the independent third-parties. Actually, this makes the licenses more reliable because the government is always interested in gaining more tax income from the licensing services, which also means that the authority needs to keep an eye on the licensed providers all the time. If the licenses are given to some unreliable providers or aren’t annulled after the fraudulent activities have been detected, the license will lose its value and the legislator will lose their income.

As you have probably understood, gaming licenses are normally hard to get and easy to lose. The licensing authority is obliged to act as a controlling body that has to watch over the licensed provider. In case if some of the operating rules are broken, sanctions have to be taken. If the violation was not too radical, the provider may get a warning or a fine defined by the contract. If the violation has a systematic nature or it has big negative consequences for a licensing body, the license may be annulled forever.

There is a general list of policies and rules that must be followed by every licensed casino. Here are the most pivotal once which are strictly followed by El Royale:

  • Fair gambling policy - the client has the right to be treated according to the casino’s Terms and Conditions as well as to withdraw their funds;
  • Underage gambling restriction - only a person who has reached a legal gaming age has the right to participate in gaming activities. In this case, the minimum legal age will be different for residents from different countries, so the provider needs to know those details.
  • Quality of services - the client has the right to get the services of a certain quality. All the additional soft like instant play games, live dealer or a sports betting platform integrated into the gaming platform have to meet the high-quality standards and have to be licensed.
  • Reliable payment systems - the client has the right to get access to the trustworthy payment methods integrated with El Royale.
  • Problem gambling notice - every player has to be warned about the possible negative consequences of gaming activities and has the right to self-exclusion.
  • Legal support - every client has the right to legal resolution of a dispute between them and the casino if one arises. In this case, the case is normally taken to the court of the country that has granted a provider a license.
  • Compliance with a privacy policy - the private information given by the client or collected by the provider after the client’s permission has to be kept secret and has to be deleted in terms defined by the provider’s privacy policy.

As you see, there are great amounts of information that has to be processed by El Royale in order to keep up with all the basic rules provided by the licensing authority. This probably explains the number of documents that you normally need to provide to the online casino during the registration process. For some people it may seem excessive, however, this list is fairly justified. Most of the documents are needed to prove the legal age of the registered gambler and to prevent and fraudulent actions that a potential criminal may conceive. Apart from it, every casino has to deal with great amounts of personal funds that are entrusted to the brand by its clients. And when you are dealing with big sums of money, none of the precautions should be called excessive, right?

In the present material, we are going to have a closer look at one of the most trusted and most reliable worldwide licenses - Curacao Gaming Authority. Sometimes it is also called Curacao eGaming, so either of the variants is actually right. This certificate is owned by El Royale casino, in particular. On a concrete example, we are going to show you how the Curacao licensed casino actually works and what procedures are obligatory to ensure compliance with the agreement.

What Is Curacao eGaming?

Curacao gambling license is one of the most popular casino licenses in the world, and there is a number of good reasons for it to be so. It allows the provider to operate in many countries all over the world. It’s issued by Curacao Gaming Authority - a government-controlled organization that has the authority to issue and to annul it. If the dispute between the casino and the gambling site licensed by Curacao eGaming and the player arises, the case may be taken to the local court, which serves as a legal entity authorized for solving such disputes.

Usually, it takes only several months for a new brand to collect all the needed documents and pass the audit to acquire and launch it. The list of services provided by the licensing authority may vary - the minimal package includes consulting services, licensing (only after a successful audit), and regular supervision. Curacao licensed casino online has to pay a monthly fee for using it. If the brand owners are not so experienced, Curacao Gaming Authority may also assist with integration with payment systems, providers, servers, data processing, legal assistance, back office maintenance, and many other casino-related issues. As a new brand, El Royale has successfully passed all the stages and become a happy owner of the license in question.

As we mentioned above, one of this license’s strongest points is its coverage. It’s not easy to find a jurisdiction where it’s not recognized. Truly, if we look at El Royale Casino's list of restricted countries, we will find out that it’s not actually that long. The list of restricted countries includes only Russia, Afghanistan, Estonia, Macedonia, Belarus, Iran, Costa Rica, Curacao, Iraq, Latvia, Lithuania, Malaysia, Pakistan, Poland, Hungary, Turkey, Ukraine, India, Azerbaijan, Netherlands, Romania and Israel. Well, considering that there are more than 190 countries on planet Earth right now, it seems like a good score!

History of Gambling in Curacao

Ok, now let's learn more about Curacao itself. The most common thing that people know about this cozy Caribbean island is probably its world-famous brand of liquor that serves an integral part of many popular cocktails. However, this little island is also widely known as home to many world-wide scale businesses that find it so attractive due to the flexible taxation system and a good choice of banks and financial services that are based there. But how it comes that a little Caribbean island has become a large financial center and home to the world’s most influential gambling licenser?

For many centuries since the discovery of the Americas by European explorers, the island of Curacao was a part of the Dutch Caribbean islands. Actually, it was more or less dependent on the Netherlands until recently - it gained full independence only in 2010. However, for many centuries this island, which territory is only 171 sq mi has been serving as a pivotal trade route for the Kingdom of Netherlands. Well, it’s quite obvious that many of the high-ranking Dutch officials were serving as executive offices during the centuries of Dutch rule, which had an increasingly positive effect on the island infrastructure - the Netherlands has been investing some serious resources in the development of roads, schools, housing, enterprises and culture. Among other things, the Dutch brought their gaming traditions, which was the start of the Curacao casino business.

Apart from being an important trade route, Curacao is also famous as a tourist attraction. The island has a great tropical climate and a great number of historical attractions that were built by the Dutch starting from the 17th. In the island's capital, Williamsburg, you are about to find Curacao gambling attractions - several luxurious land-based casinos which are quite popular among tourists. And if you are an avid poker fan, you can also visit one of the Curacao poker rooms. And, of course, Curacao has several online casinos that operate on the island, so you can also play your favorite Curacao online slots when you’re there. And if you’re not a slot type of person, play Curacao online baccarat instead. There’s definitely no shortage of gaming services on the island!

Online Gambling Laws and Regulations in Curaçao

Curacao gambling license is renowned internationally as one of the first licenses on the market. The first-ever online casino was launched in 1995, while the Curacao online casino license was established in 1996. In the mid-90s, right after the first online provider started operating, there was a little boom in the casino business, and during 1996 and 1997, many bold opportunists opened online brands of their own. However, this hype quickly declined as the supply exceeded demand. The Internet was still a relatively new thing and in many countries, it was still a rare thing. Also, it was pretty hard to promote the websites since the online advertising business was relatively young. However, in the mid-00s, the rapidly growing world wide web has given new opportunities to online providers and the online casino business started flourishing again.

Curacao license has always been in great demand and, as we’ve mentioned before, there are lots of good reasons behind its success. First of all, it allows an operator to deal with all possible types of gaming - sportsbook, slots, table games, lotto, card games, etc. In other words, there is no need for a separate Curacao online roulette license, all the services are licensed integrally. Secondly, a new Curacao online casino can be opened in a matter of several months, which is a short term for the iGaming industry. And finally, a business owner may also register the new company in Curacao, where the tax laws are very favorable.

Curacao Gambling License Requirements

There are two most common situations when the casino requires a Curacao license - if the casino is created from scratch or when a casino wants to obtain a new license instead of another one. In the first case, the new brand has to provide the licensing body with a precise description of their future gaming business, all the data about the specifics and about the territories where the casino is about to operate. Also, an online venue founder will need to give the gaming commission a detailed list of providers and games that are to be featured on the new website. And of course, it’s necessary to specify all technical information, including data about servers, additional software, payment systems, etc.

If you want to change the license your casino already owns, the procedure will be pretty similar, with several exceptions. Since the brand has already been operating on the market, the licensing authority will require to hold a full-scale audit to prove that a casino was not associated with any kind of illegal activity or wasn’t delaying payments. Additionally, there’s a requirement to provide financial reports.


Is it legal for a casino to own several gaming licenses all at once?

Naturally! A provider may own several different licenses at the same time. As mentioned multiple times before, different licenses have different properties and different legal power. On the other hand, it’s a rare case because each license requires monthly fees and it’s not cheap to maintain several at a time. That’s why so many iGaming companies choose to own a Curacao license. You don’t require a separate Curacao online blackjack license. All the games genres are supported by a single one.

Are there any other credentials of trust that can be taken seriously?

There are some. For instance, El Royale Casino is integrated with the CDS company. It’s name stands for a Central Dispute System. It’s a trustworthy, independent auditor and regulator, which will consider your complaint if you have a dispute with the casino that you can not resolve. However, since El Royale has a reputation of the best Curacao online casino (or at least one of the finest), you can set your mind at ease.

How can I understand that I’m entering a Curacao online casino?

El Royale is a Curacao gambling site and features a license sign in the footer. If you click on this logo, and you are automatically redirected to the license page. El Royale website is integrated with a licensing authority and has the icon in the footer.