It’s no secret that blackjack is an inspiring card game from a group of 21 games that can treat you both in its real money and free mode. If you actually want to enrich your casino experience, then your chance to experience this card recreation is a great learning opportunity that you can seize right now! But if you’re attempting to grow into an expert and to discover how to turn into a real winner in blackjack, you have to study the basics of this perennially popular table game. So we’re now going to the very basics of blackjack. Unlike one-armed bandits and other games of mere chance, this one requires some serious thinking skills; and in particular, some serious mathematical thinking! Nevertheless, you can still rely on chance, if you want. Still, it’s safer to use some smart playing strategies whenever you play blackjack for real money. 

As far as is known, the story of blackjack remains a mystery; but we do know that a card game named “twenty-one” was played in Spain as early as in the 15th century. This was illustrated by Miguel de Cervantes in his books. Now, 21 is deemed to be the other name of this game. Its basic rules remained almost identical: the goal consists of getting as near as possible to 21, but without exceeding it.

There are no trustworthy sources that could possibly reveal the true source of the game of 21. However, its current version, called blackjack, first began in the US. Its rules were changed slightly in order to lure players into participating in real money blackjack at the saloons. At an earlier stage in the blackjack history, there used to be a special hand that included a Jack of Spades or a Jack of Clubs (a “black Jack”) and an Ace of Spades used to grant players a 10:1 payout. This hand existed in the early era of blackjack and was soon abolished, but the name has stuck as the title of a truly international game! 

Blackjack Rules 

Prior to competing at a real money blackjack casino, you’d better get how to succeed in this game, so you can know exactly when to hit, stand, double, or surrender. Also, when one is planning to get engaged in online blackjack,  they need to gain some knowledge first about the specific card values in their hand. The cards from two to ten have the respective value, while Queens, Jacks, and Kings count as 10, and the Ace values 11 or 1, which all depends on the hand you hold. In blackjack online games, the card deck is infinite, while if you play blackjack at a physical casino, the shoe from which the dealer gets the cards may contain from 1 to 8 decks.

To obtain a prize in blackjack, you must possess a higher count of cards than the banker, while still managing not to go over twenty-one, which means busting! Your 2 cards and 1 card are on the dealer’s tableside and so you have to determine whether to split your hand, if you have two cards of the equal value; to demand another card; or to stand, if you feel that you’re going to beat the dealer with your cards. Also, there’s a surrender variant: you take an insurance payout in the end. 

Blackjack terminology might seem confusing and complicated for beginners, as there’s a differentiation between soft and hard hands. If you encounter an Ace in your hand, this is considered soft, as the Ace’s value can be either 1 or 11 points, which you decide yourself. The hard hand is simply a hand made of any card combination that doesn’t include an Ace. This last hand limits your decisions on your next moves, as it’s far simpler to bust with a hard hand. 

Real Money Blackjack vs. Free Blackjack

If one is playing blackjack online for real money the benefit is rather outspoken: they can get some extra cash! But meanwhile, the disadvantage is the possibility to lose real cash if you play blackjack badly, or if you’re just unlucky. So, it’s you who has to choose whether to play for fun or for real. Obviously, if you perceive the game as pure entertainment, you’re not going to regret when playing internet blackjack for money, so here you go! Anyway, the possibility of topping up their income with some considerable real wins is constantly luring many punters into playing blackjack online for real money. 

By contrast, free blackjack offers you the possibility of focusing on your skills before embarking upon some real online blackjack gambling. You can try all blackjack variations absolutely for free at El Royale. Plus, you can enjoy your gaming sessions with 1,000 fun bucks on your game balance. Just practice and learn while playing blackjack for free, and do not risk a single dime of your bankroll! However, this option is ultimately not as rewarding for you as real money blackjack.

The Odds in Online Blackjack

It’s noteworthy that the odds of succeeding for a player are close to 100%, so playing against the house actually becomes especially easy if you apply some primary blackjack strategies. The house edge in RealTime Gaming online Blackjack which you can find and play at El Royale Casino is 0,54%, which turns it into an excellent game for you to tempt fortune and work on your blackjack skills. El Royale is a trustworthy gaming venue which is never going to make you feel frustrated at your gaming sessions. 

In the sixties, Ed Thorp wrote a book about blackjack called “Beat the Dealer” and it was an immediate success. It contains some mathematical research about the winning probability in blackjack. This book became really famous among blackjack lovers, as it explains how to beat the house using mathematics. However, statistically speaking, not too many people are capable of systematically implementing the strategies described in the book to their actual play. 

So don’t be misled by blackjack having such a small house edge, meaning your odds of winning are good. You have to play your cards well; as if you don’t, and you make some bad playing decisions, those odds won’t be taken into account. Another case is that online blackjack usually doesn’t allow side bets. Besides, you need good concentration and skills to win in blackjack. If you prefer online blackjack just do your best and let Lady Luck decide the final upshot of the game!

Kinds of Online Blackjack Games

Numerous options of blackjack can be seen out there online; here, we’d like to describe the ones available at our casino. These variations were carefully selected, and so that one could participate in playing online blackjack. All of those variants are available through the real money blackjack site of El Royale. 


This game’s rules are simple: Blackjack returns 3:1, also insurance pays 2:1. Under the rules set at El Royale, the dealer should hit soft 17. Also, one can double any two cards, and one card is dealt with split Aces. 

Blackjack + Perfect Pairs

The practices of Blackjack + Perfect Pairs are equal to normal Blackjack, plus the rules for Perfect Pairs, which pays 25:1, mixed Pair pays 6:1, and Colored Pair pays 12:1.

European Blackjack

This type follows the practices of normal Blackjack, but the dealer should stand instead of hitting on soft 17, while the hands which can be doubled are hard 10-, 11-, and 9-valued only. 

Suit ‘Em Up Blackjack

This very type also follows the rules of usual Blackjack, plus it adds the rules of Suit ‘Em Up where Suited Aces return 60:1, a Suited Blackjack gives 10:1, a Suited Pair rewards 5:1, a Suited Eleven rewards 3:1, while other Suited hands reward 2:1. 

Of course, there are plenty of other types of blackjack and 21 online games. But we encourage you to begin with the best online blackjack for money, as it boasts good odds and runs on reliable software. 

Blackjack Betting Systems

There are numerous methods of putting the balance in your favor. So wed like to describe the most prominent betting strategies in the community of expert blackjack players. You can gain a more profitable experience while you gamble, provided you choose a suitable strategy for yourself. In all these systems it’s super essential for you to set a budget for your gaming session and to avoid exceeding it!

Flat-Betting Method

This wagering method is one of the most uncomplicated to use, as it basically consists of wagering an equal amount for every bet. This gives greater limitations on your gaming budget and lowers your risks. You need to plan your budget beforehand, and also fix a limit on the number of hands. By applying this pattern, one avoids getting into hazardous situations, and they prevent any issues with their game control. You have to bypass overspending and limit your potential losses. But there’s a downside to this: you can miss chances of bigger payouts whenever you’re on a lucky streak. This method is a reliable choice for punters who are starting out on their journey, as it doesn’t expect much decision-making. Plus, it’s pretty simple to follow as well!

Positive-Progression Wagering

Positive-progression is a method that allows you to utilize your lucky streaks to the max, and to maximize your payouts too. The system consists of one simple rule: after every winning hand, one has to raise their wager. One should do this until the lucky streak is over; then, after losing a hand, one should retreat to the initial betting amount. The cycle of bet increasing will last until you lose; and by implementing this strategy you can also prevent some major losses. But before investing too much, you’d better set a budget and also plan carefully how much you plan to raise your stake after a winning hand. In such a way, you receive more control over your game and avoid any big losses! It’s vital to bear in mind the number of hands you plan and then abide by your budget. Statistically, in the long run, the system is approximately as efficient as flat-betting wagering, and shows greater profitability for shorter gaming sessions, as it largely depends upon the quantity of your winning hands, along with the consistency of your lucky streaks. 

Negative-Progression Wagering

As with positive-progression betting, this method depends on your previous outcomes, in order to adjust the bet size. But under negative-progression betting, you have to place a bigger bet not following a winning hand, but preferably after losing it! This system is aimed at compensating for your losses. Another essential point is that it’s better suited to high-rollers that have a notable bankroll; as the system itself is quite risky, and it can destroy your bankroll if the latter isn’t sufficient enough to help you overcome a bad patch. The central idea of such a system is that finally, you’re going to win after a losing streak, thus managing to restore your bankroll after your losses. You also have to determine how much you want to raise your bet for your subsequent hand. After winning, you have to retreat to your initial bet size. During your winning streaks, place the minimum bet you’ve established for yourself. Also, you have to be informed that in blackjack, as in any other game of chance, the outcomes of the previous game rounds have no impact on the rounds that follow. This indicates that no betting scheme is able to guarantee you the rewards you’re longing for. So once you finally reach the limits of your budget, you’d better quit. 

The Martingale System

This method is another modification of the negative-progression wagering that was developed by French casino enthusiasts back in the 17th century. The central concept behind it is that you need to double your stake each time you lose, but follow your initial stake when you succeed; and this is aimed at compensating you for your losses. Some players find such a blackjack casino betting system too risky, as it’s most suitable for those punters who tend to be high rollers. If you multiply your wager during the losing streak, you may exhaust your bankroll quickly. However, this system may still look and feel disappointing for you; as if one isn’t ready to waste the money they’re wagering, this might be quite frustrating. Gambling, in general, is a game of chance; and your losing streak may last longer than expected! However, one can also opt for an inverted Martingale system instead, which means doubling your bet each time you win; so if you see that your hands are promising, you can receive some nice wins.

Oscar’s Blackjack Betting Method

This method combines the benefits of both betting systems, i.e. of both negative and positive progressions. And this really is quite a successful attempt, as it allows the punters to enjoy a rewarding outcome from their gaming sessions. The method was called after the dice player who created it; however, it was first announced by Allan N. Wilson in 1965. Under this method, all the hands are played in units. A winning hand indicates the end of the unit after a bet series. After winning the hand, you begin a new series. You necessitate receiving a profit in each unit. Suppose you fail on the first hand and succeed on the second, but to accomplish your goal, you nevertheless need to raise your stake over the subsequent hand you play. To follow this wagering pattern, you are expected to hold track of your losses and wins. 

Advice to Improve Your Odds of Winning at Online Blackjack

You can discover tons of guidance on how to win at blackjack online and in specialized blackjack literature; so here, we’ve compiled the best advice, which we’re presenting to you here: 

  • If you perform in a brick-and-mortar venue, you may count cards in the deck, in order to predict the chance of low-value or high-value cards being drawn; but in online blackjack for real cash, it’s useless to count cards. Still, even in real casinos, card counting isn’t tolerated, and any card counters are shown the door! 
  • You can use “cheat sheets” while playing online; they can present you all the data about when to stand or to draw more cards. The tables you can encounter online are handy too: they show you all your possible moves and the various hands.
  • Practice by performing blackjack for fun without wagering any real funds! This is free and fun; because the more you practice, the quicker you learn.
  • Opt for blackjack casinos where 3:2 payouts rather than of 6:5 are offered. The numbers look higher, but in reality, 6:5 is less than 3:2. So, avoid casinos that offer 6:5 blackjack payouts.
  • You can also benefit from surrendering and cut down your losses after the cards dealing. One can surrender if the banker has a 10-point card or an Ace. Some online blackjack varieties have “late surrender” and “early surrender” choices. 
  • Double if the sum of your 2 first cards is 11. 
  • Also, one can acquire insurance to defend themselves from the banker hitting 21 points. If the banker reveals an Ace, the punter can place half of their stake on whether the house has 10 as the other card option. 

Why Should You Play Online Blackjack at El Royale Casino?

  • El Royale is one of the best websites to play blackjack, as all blackjack and 21 online games are produced by RTG, which is a reliable online blackjack gambling provider. 
  • At El Royale, one can practice European Blackjack, Blackjack + Perfect Pairs, Suit ‘Em Up Blackjack, and Blackjack.
  • We have fair payouts and one of the greatest RTPs for playing blackjack online for money.
  • El Royale Casino boasts a real money blackjack selection: you can access the portfolio of mobile blackjack. 
  • We offer reliable and protected online blackjack gambling.

To sum it up, El Royale is a prominent blackjack casino. So there’s absolutely no doubt at all about where to turn to enjoy blackjack online - El Royale is always happy to serve you!


Where to play online blackjack?

There are online websites with a doubtful reputation and unknown software, and the likelihood of being scammed can be high if you bet at a rough casino. But if we take El Royal Casino, the situation is very distinctive. We’re a duly licensed casino with many satisfied clients and a name! So you don’t know where to play online blackjack, we’d like to respond with absolute confidence: El Royale Casino! 

Is there a blackjack app at El Royale?

The mobile blackjack is available at our mobile casino, accessible for most mobile devices that run on iOS and Android. Our mobile casino features great design and user-friendliness. And as for the comfort of our players, El Royale Casino goes far beyond the call of duty, as we’re constantly striving to pamper our clients. 

How can I play blackjack for real money?

First off, get registered at El Royale and enjoy our wonderful promotional bonuses. To play blackjack, you require to make your first deposit. Our wide array of available deposit methods are at your fingertips. Your payouts will be sent to your cards or bank account, after you’ve passed your personal verification.