El Royale encourages its players to follow certain rules when playing at our Casino. We want you to have the best time possible and to enjoy the freedom and the safe environment we’re providing our Clients with. However, we want every player to acknowledge that this site exists strictly for entertainment purposes, and isn’t meant for gaining personal profit; so it shouldn’t be considered as a form of investment.

What Is Responsible Gaming for Us?

We always pursue the goal of keeping our Customers safe and we don’t encourage any destructive behaviors. We strive to deliver the best gaming experience to our Customers; one that can be both worthwhile and entertaining. We also do everything in our power to protect the privacy of our Customers, and we provide them with all the information they need about responsible gaming. In addition, we take all possible steps to ensure this experience is trouble-free in terms of your own safety; that’s why we can set up daily, weekly, and monthly deposit limits, should the Customer request it. We can also set a self-exclusion limit or a cooling-off period, if a Customer has expressed their desire for such a measure to be taken.

What Are the Ways to Enjoy Your Casino Experience to the Fullest Extent?

There are some rules to facilitate and improve your gaming experience within our Website. We’re presenting them to you in the form of guidelines to make sure you play responsibly:

  1. Sort out your finances. Try to make a list of your expenditures and try to see how gambling fits in it. Then, calculate the precise amount of money that you can spend on gaming activities per day/week/month.
  2. Try to limit the time you spend on playing casino games. Think about how gaming can interfere with your other daily activities, and try to set a time limit.
  3. Keep detailed track of your online activity and expenditures.
  4. Try to learn how to accept defeat instead of chasing the phantom jackpot. If you are not ‘lucky’ today, try to cool off and wait a certain amount of time before trying again.
  5. Don’t rush with your bets. Let all your choices be well-thought-out.
  6. Don’t play games under mood-altering substances, including drugs and alcohol.
  7. Don’t hide your gaming habits from your loved ones. They may help you if you start experiencing some troubles with excessive gaming.

Underage Gaming Prevention

El Royale isn’t meant to be used by underage players. For that particular reason, we employ all possible means to prevent and discourage minors from using our services, registering accounts and playing at our Website. Only adult players who are 21 years old or older are able to use our services to the fullest extent.

The parental role is also very important in terms of discouraging minors from playing casino games. That’s why, as a parent, it’s very important to follow certain guidelines if your child has access to your mobile device or a computer:

  • Always protect your device with a strong password
  • Keep all your passwords and casino credentials safe and far away out of reach of your children
  • Install special child protection software
  • Don’t leave your mobile device or computer unattended, especially when you are running casino software
  • Initiate an educational conversation with your children about the possible harm of underage gaming

Remember that the parent/legal guardian/account owner takes full responsibility for the actions of any underage player within the El Royale website. Hence, you agree that El Royale can’t be held responsible for any losses caused by underage players.

There are multiple possible ways to protect your child and to prevent them from using undesirable online services. For instance, CYBERsitter is filtering software, which is designed to allow parents to block certain websites on children’s devices.


Self-exclusion practices along with establishing cooling-off periods allow you to control the whole process of gaming, and to help you recharge your batteries in cases where playing casino games is no longer entertaining or fun. Once you’ve activated this function by contacting our Support Team, you won’t be able to access El Royale Casino.

Setting Deposit Limits

El Royale administration can assist you with setting deposit limits, that may help you spend less while playing on the Website. To activate this function, you should contact the Casino Support Team. However, you should try to set those limits yourself, by assessing how much you can spend on gaming during a certain period of time.

Self-Assessment Quiz

It’s crucial for each player to periodically conduct a self-assessment quiz, to determine whether you’ve adopted some self-destructive habits:

  1. Have you ever made a bigger bet, in order to recoup a loss?
  2. Have you ever felt depressed, irritable or nervous after quitting gaming activity?
  3. Have you ever spent more than five days in a row thinking about and planning your future gaming strategies?
  4. Have you ever lied about how much time and money you spent on gaming?
  5. Have you ever stolen money or turned to fraudulent methods of getting money to play casino games?
  6. Has gambling ever created a large debt that was hard to cover?
  7. Do you gamble to escape from problems and personal issues?
  8. Have you ever tried to restrain yourself from gaming before?
  9. Have you ever played under a mood-altering substance like a drug or alcohol?
  10. Do you gamble to make yourself feel happier?

If you’ve answered “Yes” to any of the questions listed above, you should reconsider your gaming habits and seek professional help.

We Are Here to Support You

If ever you start feeling like you don’t have control over your gaming habits anymore, you should consider looking for some professional help. The following organizations exist for these special purposes: