Nearly every avid punter hankers after spinning Vegas slots, especially if that spinning brings them some really exciting winning sums. Let alone the fact that nothing feels like playing popular games of chance in the walls of a legendary Las Vegas Casino. Unfortunately, not everyone manages to visit this gambling mecca. Of course, such a trip requires much money and time (primarily for punters who reside in other countries or remote states.) However, progress never stops. Nowadays, you can access plenty of online gambling platforms without the necessity to leave your cozy home - a stable Internet works like a charm. What’s more, finding a reputable gambling site wouldn't go amiss. And when you find one, the only thing left to do will be taking a shot at different casino slots!

Of course, El Royale is one of those online casinos where you’re going to encounter quite a diversity of gaming opportunities.

Playing online ‘one-armed bandits’ is a common thing for gamblers who spend their time at casinos. You’re only required to attain a game, bet some virtual coins, and start the game. Still, punters who want to enjoy slots and win money should understand various gameplay aspects before tapping the Spin button. Obviously, if you have just sprung surfing the online world of excitement, most probably you can’t wait to encounter a paying combination on your screen on the spot. To prolong such excitement, one necessitates to be confident in their next step and navigate the online casino website like a real gaming guru. Usually, novice players need the answers to such burning questions: should I pay or simply play for free? Is there anything special I should know and give consideration to during the gaming process? Are there any surefire strategies that can help me win slots? If yes, what should I do to withdraw some serious amounts after? Luckily, we’ve prepared answers to these important casino questions and have also debunked some widespread myths swirling around slots. So, before your exciting journey with online slot games starts, you'll be completely prepared and savvy enough to assay the most pleasant and beneficial experience of spinning online slots that pay real money!

Online Slots – Free vs Real Money

At first, many punters tend to use free games and only then turn to the real money slots. Apparently, the motives why users are on with no deposit options are as follows. Most gamblers want to try that or another game first before investing their real funds. That’s why one can test the huge library of free options aka demo mode games at El Royale Casino to examine them first and only then assume whether to play slots online for real money or it’s better to hold on. Secondly, the focus on free games allows some visitors to feel the unique gambling vibe, especially if they don’t suppose to receive real-money winnings or lucrative casino gifts. However, people may have other more notable objects to tap into a free ride. Well, people's opinions and preferences can vary greatly. For many, enjoying online slot machines for real money is a better and more intriguing way to pass their time immensely entertaining.

So, to open your real gambling journey - just deposit some real funds. This may become an auspicious start of your way to the thrilling world full of adrenaline, which you feel when winning real cash. The key here is to realize that such games are inevitably associated with odds: you can either waste some of your credits or get a high profit. The proper approach to such games is an emotional preparation for any result of them. Self-control should be your constant companion if you crave for the money prizes. What’s essential is that after landing the right combination on reels players are getting rewarded, and this is a sound reason to play slots online for real cash whenever you want. It’s feasible to win some decent money even without betting big. 

Even though free demos are a great activity for newcomers to perfect their skills before immersing themselves into slot games for real money, nothing will ever compare with that excitement they feel when making real bets. So below there’re the main yeas and nays of each option; it’s better to look through them and determine which one is for you.

Real Money Slots

  • Players who bet real cash usually receive free spins, pleasing bonuses, and loyalty rewards.
  • Gamblers can win massive amounts, additionally enjoying sweet anticipation during the gameplay.
  • Punters can hit progressive jackpots.
  • Players may also lose some cash if they forget to use real slots responsibly.

Free Slots

  • Are used instantly, no account registration or software download is required.
  • Allow punters to test slots before spending real money.
  • No need to indicate any personal data or bank details, you play anonymously.
  • Free Spins in the demo mode are not associated with money prizes and other rewards.

How to Play Online Slots?

Although playing slots may look as plain as one-two-three, many insights into the game deserve your attention, notwithstanding whether you choose online casino slots for real money or pick the free option. Anyway, the gameplay with real money online slots doesn’t differ much from the free one and is quite simple to grasp even for novice players. The most crucial measure is to run down the right online casino. It’s justified to pick the most reputable ones, such as El Royale Casino, which has good player feedback. After the choice is made, create an account, provide your personal info and payment details required for depositing, play real money casino slots, and then withdraw your winnings. All available payment options at El Royale can be observed in the separate Banking section and include Visa, MasterCard, Bitcoin, Neosurf, and Bank Wire. The choice is normally based on the user’s personal likings and the options accessible in their area. So if you haven’t utilized any of these deposit options yet, check up on that before playing money slots. 

To get a foretaste of the overall process of using online slots, first look at their structure, then mark the symbols hidden inside every machine, and the overall game mechanics. But before you touch these details, there’re a few points. So if you flavor to place a real stake, remember not to hit your wallet. Secondly, remember that the abundance of active lines directly impacts the bet size. Thirdly, you may play as usual, or else, make use of the Autoplay option not to constantly tap the Spin button and simply enjoy the spinning process like a movie. You can even pick a definite quantity of spins and stop the game after hitting the jackpot.

How It All Works

Although it’s supposed that slots are based solely on luck, and no practices are at hand to govern this process, it’s essential that each player remembers the basic symbols and combinations and understands how these machines work.

The two main and most valuable pics that can be recognized mostly in any slot are Wilds and Scatters. Wilds can replace any other icon except Scatters, and thus create a profitable combo on a certain active payline. Scatter symbols, in turn, trigger bonus rounds. Before starting the reels, in the game settings section, one can always discover what the Wild or Scatter symbol in the particular slot is.

Apart from selecting the paylines (if possible), a player can arrange the coin value; usually, it’s $0.01-$1. Slot winnings are depicted as coins, each of which costs a certain sum of real money. After you land the matching tokens on the grid, the reward of a respective coin amount is yours. You can enjoy free demos for play coins and examine how many wins online slots can bring you.

And let’s look at something that casino players crave for a lot when they play slots for real money — all those generous bonuses. These are given by gaming websites to facilitate the gaming process of their clients. Of course, El Royale boasts plenty of offers of various kinds, so let’s delve deeper into their diversity.

  1. Welcome bonuses are granted to the beginning players after their first deposit. At El Royale, it constitutes 240% of it. However, this platform is even more generous and gives +40 Free Spins to all new visitors.
  2. After the registration, players may also accept a no-deposit promo, which is relatively small money given to the customer as gratitude from a casino. 
  3. Normally, Free Spins accompany slots ensuring a prospect to win some funds and are usually provided for certain games. At El Royale, you can examine them in RTG slots - games designed by one of the most solid providers.
  4. Naturally, there are numerous other gains associated with slots: Match Bonuses, Special Bonuses, Monthly Deals, etc. Just visit the Promo section at El Royale and you gonna be amazed by the wide array of perks that can be employed in slots.

What’s RTP and RNG?

As was mentioned above, playing slots isn’t only about pushing a button. To boost your payouts in a money play, don’t forget that slots have various RTP rates, which are indicated as percentages by the developers. The greater the rate, the more the punter can win over time. These numbers also show your odds while playing. 

Another similar abbreviation you’ll definitely meet during your online casino trip is RNG. This means the Random Number Generator program which guarantees that all figures landing on the grid are generated randomly and your every spin has a completely random outcome. Thus, the RNG ensures that the gaming process is fair for every player.

Picking Your Preferred Slot Games

When we talk about games of chance, players stand before a really wide selection of those. But it happens that their choice frequently falls on slots which are remarkably popular, and not for nothing. Everyone wants to see those coveted winnings, but you can also remark that slots can keep you in the session for hours. And you can discover all the sorts of online slots. These comprise of 3, 5, 6, and even 7-reel slots. Begin with the most simplistic game prior to moving to the complicated ones. 

One more piece of advice regarding the bet amount. You can set your bet limits in time to keep yourself more entertained. Cherish that you can win progressive jackpots in some machines. Slot machine games look diverse and top-notch at El Royale Casino: here one can realize what punters should expect from a decent online casino. El Royale cooperates with the RealTime Gaming operator, and slots here can be a good example of a solid work conducted by the software developers. The game themes are numerous, so anyone can choose something to their liking and mood. 

Mobile Slots

After you deposit some funds and claim your juicy welcome offer, you can start enjoying online slots with a signup bonus. Occasionally, it may be difficult for you to pick the one from various game titles offered. That’s one of the motives why free slots are here for you to check them out first). Obviously, online software developers are keeping up to date with modern technology and trying to optimize online slots for mobile devices anytime and anywhere. For punters who favor playing on their phones, El Royale recommends choosing their preferred real money mobile slots on mobile devices.

How to Win Playing Online Slots - Tips and Tricks 

Spinning reels and changing pictures is quite breathtaking, and there’s no uncertainty that slots can bring you relaxation and delight. Of course, apart from all these thrills, your main objective is to make profits, right? So let’s discuss how to affect those colorful creations ruled by RNG.

Use the Most of Free Stuff

So, if online slots keep you on the run, you are more than certainly eager to discover that mystery and win without wasting a single cent. How does it come? Drumroll, please…. Yes, using casino bonuses! Hopefully, there are bundles of them at El Royale: welcome, match, monthly, special, and many more. Such platforms as El Royale are always willing to treat the visitors with something sweet. This will certainly improve your odds of gaining real wins. 

Additionally, there’s always an option of taking advantage of Free Spins in certain online slots. Take this opportunity to entertain for free. Thus, you’ll examine the casino itself and a particular slot, figure out maneuvers for placing bets, and also win without spending cash at all.

Choose Slots with the Highest RTP

It isn’t a coincidence that we’ve mentioned RTP. Most beginners believe that all slots are identical and vary in the property of graphics only. But this very rate is certainly worth checking out.

By going for slots with a decent RTP, you'll instantly lift the likelihoods to win real money playing slots online. This rate is calculated from 1% to 100%, and most slots have a 92-97% RTP. One of the most considerate slot strategies is to choose online slot machines where RTP is 96% and above. It’s justified to follow this advice each time you play, since a high payback benefits you in getting a higher chance of winning big. Fortunately, nearly all slots presented at El Royale boast the highest RTP among competitors, so you can anticipate hitting a jackpot any tick of the clock.

Bet and Get Profit

You may see on the web many recommendations to always stick to max bets. This belief is associated with a very sound idea that slot games feature multiple paylines, and when your stake is big, it contributes to big winnings on multiple lines. Still, it’s also crucial to realize that random number generators equalize your odds of succeeding at slots, no matter you use all the paylines or not.

Also, it’s better to analyze the volatility of slots. The highly volatile slots don’t grant you payouts as frequently as you want, but they will bring you bigger winnings when they do.

Low-volatility slots ordinarily pay frequent and small amounts. So to gain some profit on slots with high volatility, it’s desirable to make a little higher bets. If we take slot games with low volatility, you better make lower bets and take it slower to achieve more wins.

Decide on Your Strategy

If you seek to win at those online machines, you have to set your strategy and have a common sense. You should perceive slots as a game of chance. That’s why in your strategy, do not focus solely on choosing games to play. Also, determining how to manage your bankroll won’t hurt. It’s better to practice a responsible approach to allocating your funds. If you don’t feel confident about slots yet, opt for penny slots and make some spins to test the process, spending little amounts only. Raise your bets as your experience develops but always remember about self-control and spending funds you can furnish. Even though playing internet slots for real money is quite beneficial, it doesn't mean this should become the only way to raise money. 

Do a Research and Choose Safe Platforms

It’s tough to argue that every player expects to take advantage of the overall process and ultimately get their impressive money wins. To make it work, you should avoid shady casinos at all costs and sign up only at reliable and respectable platforms that hold a good reputation so far. 

You should provide your credit card info only to the licensed, regulated, and secure sites. Otherwise, you risk falling among scammers. Prior to depositing your funds, ensure that a site employs the SSL encryption (usually, they give this data in the footer of the homepage.) In this regard, El Royale is a sound site where you can have a lovely time in a completely secure way.

How to Cash Out Your Winnings

Earlier or later, making real bets at online casinos, and especially at El Royale, will bring you real cash wins. Certainly, you’ll seek to promptly withdraw your winnings. Concerns related to putting money in a casino happen seldom. In turn, players have to do some supplementary steps to withdraw their winnings from time to time, and no wonder that newcomers get a bit confused sometimes. So let’s get it straight about how to receive your profits gained after playing slots that pay out real money as seamless and straightforward as you want.

If you’ve acquired an ample amount of wins, make a withdrawal request through the casino website. Your first step here is deciding how much you need to cash out. Usually, casinos set withdrawal limits, so it’s essential to ensure that the intended amount neither excels nor is less than the established amount. To be qualified for a withdrawal, you need to submit some identification documents. Sometimes some additional documents may be required (such as a valid bank statement). If you used the promotional offer and managed to make a profit, the wagering requirements that accompany the bonus you used will apply. There can be some additional recommendations on cashing out for those who use the bonuses on the gambling site, so take the time to read the corresponding T&C carefully or contact customer service for assistance.

Most Popular Withdrawal Methods

Regular payment methods include e-wallets, credit cards, as well as modern options such as cryptocurrency (mostly limited to Bitcoin). Usually, gamblers prefer the debit card method, as it’s still the most typical and convenient one. Simply submit your card information to the casino, and your wins will be transferred there. As a rule, withdrawals are handled within several days if you’re a confirmed user.

At El Royale you can receive your wins via MasterCard, Visa, Bitcoin, and Bank Wire which are widespread withdrawal methods; they enable you to relish your sweet winnings in 1-5 days after your payout request.

Interestingly, many crypto aficionados prefer Bitcoin because crypto wallets are not traceable and ensure better security and speed. For those who can’t wait to get their payouts as soon as possible, the use of this option is a perfect decision. 

Now you have uncovered more about withdrawal options, so you can simply start betting and playing online slots at such a prominent online casino as El Royale. Make a deposit, accumulate an amount sufficient to claim, and cash out! Whenever you have inquires about your withdrawal request or any other banking issues, reach our customer service to receive the assistance you demand.

Common Myths About Slots

All slots are rigged, and I’ll lose anyway

If we take any decent vendor or provider of slot machines, such long-running businesses will never risk the reputation they were building for years and rig their games. Nowadays, casino players know about the power of knowledge on the Internet, so it’s not an obstacle for them to report some unfair casino practices on watchdog websites. At the dawn of online gambling, operators didn’t have to adhere to certain regulations. But now, it’s rare, and such reputable casinos as El Royale employ an RNG certificate, which is displayed on the homepage. 

3-Reel Slots Give Less than Machines with More Reels

This is a shared belief, as many users tend to subconsciously go for the slots that feature more reels, because it seems to them they deliver you a bigger potential to win. The truth is that the quantity isn’t associated with the quality of your gameplay. Be it a slot with three, five, or even seven reels, the payouts only depend on the RTP and slot volatility regarding the amount and frequency of winnings.

Placing max bets boosts your chances of winning

Some online slots include a “Max Bet” option. The availability of this button makes many punters deem that tapping it is going to boost their winning odds. However, this feature can serve you to win bigger amounts, but its principal goal is to make betting more convenient, without influencing the result of the spin.

Why Should You Play Slots at El Royale Casino?

Reason 1: The overriding reason to immerse yourself into the vastness of slots at El Royale Casino is the generous offer of juicy bonuses for novice players, while certain promos can even be claimed several times a day. On top of getting a slots match bonus, you’ll also be qualified for free spins.

Reason 2: The slots at El Royale are divided into various groups: video, classic, and 3D; punters can spin 6, 5, and 3-reel slots here. What’s more, those have floating symbols and numerous bonus rounds. One-armed bandits with progressive jackpots are available too. Besides, one can select their favorite item according to its theme.

Reason 3: El Royale allows its clients and visitors to have amazing gameplay in the best online slots in the convenient mobile version. The interface is fully responsive and optimized for any mobile device, be it an iOS or Android platform.

Reason 4: With every wager you make at El Royale casino, you are earning comp points, which can be transformed into real cash (100 points = $1).

Common Questions

Can real money slots be used for free?

Yes, at El Royale every punter can try real-money slots absolutely for free. Just opt for the demo game and you can figure out all you want about the chosen slot.

Is it required to download any client to play slots?

No, although some online casinos offer you to upload their software to enter the lobby at any time, at El Royale everyone can play online from a PC, mobile, or tablet.

Can I win big at slots?

Well, the luckiest can actually hit the jackpot and win huge amounts after conducting just a few spins. Before beginning your gambling journey through online platforms, it’s sufficient to figure out the RTP of the game you’ve decided to play.