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The game of roulette needs no introduction. If you've ever gambled - or if you've ever come into contact with gambling in your life - then you've definitely heard of roulette. Over the centuries, it has attracted people’s attention and imagination, and its popularity continues to grow to this day.

There are two main types of roulette players. The first type consists of casual roulette players - people who do not want to overspend while playing roulette, but limit their chances of winning large amounts of money. And then there are true gamblers that wish to play high stakes roulette. This version of roulette involves a lot bigger bets and wagers – and potentially huge wins. This review will detail useful information for the latter category of gamblers. So, if you’re interested in learning more about high limit roulette, you have come to the right place.

A Guide to High Stakes Roulette

Before playing high limit online roulette, you will need to know the basic rules first. How do you play online roulette? The first thing to do is to analyze the table and see the various fields it offers. There are 37 numbers in total, 36 of which are colored interchangeably with red and black. The 37th number is a zero, and its color is green, though the green color holds no significance as to the gameplay.

There is a wheel that covers all the numbers on the table, including the zero. At the beginning of each round, the player needs to wager a bet on the field where they think the ball will end up landing on the reel. If the ball indeed falls on the field where the player has placed a bet – then they will win a sum of money, depending on the size of the wager. There are options to cover bigger amount of pockets on the table – including orphans, neighbors bets, reds and blacks, the 1-12, 13-24, and 25-36 fields, etc.

And no limit roulette pertains to playing the game with bigger sums of money. This is not a slightly bigger sum that the casuals usually play with, mind you. These are huge sums of money that are wagered round upon round. And it takes a special kind of casino to offer high stakes online roulette games – such as El Royale Casino. 

RTG High Stake RNG Roulette Variations

There are many different roulette versions made by DiceLab software provider. And we’re talking about high limit DiceLab roulette games. They cover a variety of different rules in the roulette playground. For example, some of the high limit roulette games made by DiceLab that you can play are:

European Roulette. This game features top-notch visuals. If you want to see beautiful graphics and feel like you’re in a genuine casino, then this European Roulette high limit version is for you. So, if you care about any overly-appealing visuals, then European Roulette by RTG has a bunch of redeeming qualities to look forward to. First of all, it follows the European style of the game – but it has French bets. You can look forward to placing Voisins du Zero, Tiers du Cylindre and Orphans. There is a single zero – and this is always a good thing compared to the American version with the double zeros. And to round things off, you can place high roulette bets of hundreds of dollars – making it a high stakes roulette variant.

American Roulette. There’s really no big difference between the European and American versions of the roulette game, as they are powered by RTG. The difference is that the latter has double zeros.

This means that the house edge is slightly increased to the detriment of the player. There aren’t the French-named bets that you can place in the European version, either. However, there’s the fact that you can place even bigger bets in this version as compared to its European counterpart – making it that much closer to the high-stakes ideal. By placing bigger bets, you will increase your chances of winning a huge payout.

French Roulette. Finally, we have the French Roulette high limit version of the game, as made by DiceLab Gaming. Here you can also find the French bets of Voisins du Zero, Orphans, and the like. One good part about this version is that there is one zero only – not two. This is consistent with the European layout of the game and it makes things better for the player by offering better odds and lower house edge at the table. But there is another thing that makes it beneficial to play high stakes roulette on the French variant. There’s the La Partage rule, which pays out your even money bets if the ball happens to land in the zero pocket of the wheel. Even though it’s considered a high stake game – it offers solid odds for the player to win.

These were some of the most popular high deposit roulette variants made by DiceLab Gaming that you can play online. But there are other variants as well – including New American Roulette, the fun Multiplayer Roulette, and others. Also, a company of such high stature as DiceLab Gaming is likely to continue on its path to creating outstanding high-limit gambling games, including roulette games, in the future. We can only speculate as to what kinds of products they will put out, but we know that they will be of high quality, and the players will have a very fun and potentially highly rewarding gaming experience.

Payment Methods – Deposits, Withdrawals and Fees Info

Online casinos, including El Royale Casino, will be more than glad to enable players to spin the wheel on the high limit roulette tables. But before this happens, the players will need to deposit money on the gambling platform. And after winning a certain sum of money, they will naturally want to withdraw it to their financial accounts. Long story short – what you’ll need is a deposit and a withdrawal method.

Since online casinos offer different kinds of payment methods, we’ll take El Royale Casino as a specific example of what you can expect in this sense. So, some of the payment methods that you can use at El Royale Casino are:

  • Credit and debit cards. In this case, you can use either Visa or MasterCard for making online money transfers to and from El Royale Casino. This is one of the most popular payment methods ever – with millions of people using it all over the internet. Credit and debit cards are also used when making deposits and withdrawals in a land-based casino. There are no fees that you’ll need to pay whatsoever when using this payment method at El Royale Casino. The deposits that you’ll make with debit and credit cards are instant.
  • Bank wire. This is a classic method that players use to fund their online gaming accounts. However, the bad thing about it is that it tends to be slow. It takes 5 business days to withdraw your money from the casino banking account. It also has the downside of forcing you to share information about your bank account directly with the casino – and many people aren’t really inclined to do this. They view it as a violation of their privacy and data theft, and so they postpone playing at El Royale Casino by virtue of this reason alone. We’re here to tell you that bank transfer is a safe-to-use payment method. However, it will take some time before you can transfer money from your El Royale Casino account. On the flip side, bank transfer is the only payment method that you can use at El Royale Casino for the purpose of withdrawing money from the platform. So, you don’t really have much of choice.
  • Bitcoin. The cryptocurrency craze has died down somewhat; however, this doesn’t mean that Bitcoin isn’t as popular as ever. You can use Bitcoin to make deposits at El Royale Casino. The use of cryptocurrency guarantees that you will never be scammed out of your money as every transaction is recorded on the blockchain ledger, where it remains stored forever. Also, there are no fees that you’ll have to pay for making transactions. There’s no central authority that supervises the use of cryptocurrencies, so this means that your privacy will remain completely safe and that your anonymity is guaranteed. We expect that many new online casinos will begin featuring Bitcoin as an available deposit and withdrawal method in the near future due to its many merits and few potential drawbacks.

These are some of the most popular payment methods that you can use not only in El Royale Casino but in many different casinos on the internet. Most of the payment methods, apart from bank transfer, can be used at El Royale to make a high limit deposit. They can’t be used for withdrawals, though. Conversely, if you need to make a withdrawal, then you can use the bank transfer method for this purpose.


What are some strategies that I can implement in high limit roulette?

There are numerous high limit roulette strategies that you can use when playing. However, not one of them has been shown to be a winning one 100% of the time. Roulette is a classic game of chance, and its outcome is completely random every single round. A high stakes roulette strategy that you can try out is the Martingale strategy. It involves placing bets on either red or black for numerous consecutive times until you win. However, if you lose, then you will need to double down on your previous bet. You need to be especially careful with this strategy as it uses a progression, which means that if you happen to have a bad string of luck you can lose huge piles of cash – especially given the high-stakes nature of the game.

Can I play high limit roulette on my mobile device?

There’s no reason why you wouldn’t be able to place high bets at roulette on your mobile device. One of the reasons we feel that El Royale Casino is the best high limit roulette casino is that it offers this functionality. Make sure that your mobile device is supported and that you have steady access to the internet, and you can start wagering your electronic chips right there and then.

Are there any bonuses that I can use?

Sure, most online casinos, including El Royale Casino, offer different kinds of bonuses, mostly to ease the new players in on the platform. For example, there’s currently a welcome deposit match bonus of 200% with free spins. This means that, depending on the size of your deposit, you can get up free money that you can use for betting at high limit roulette. As you can see, this bonus is geared toward the high-limit crowd, and it’s perfect for high stakes roulette.

Conclusion – the Swings of High Stakes Roulette

High stakes roulette is definitely not a game for everyone. In fact, we’re certain that most people don’t want to be anyway near it. And we can understand why – the ups and downs that a player will experience in these versions of roulette are simply too much for many people. But if you can control your emotions and if you shoot for the moon in gambling, then high stakes roulette may be the perfect game for you. We urge you to gamble responsibly – and we hope that you will strike big.