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Terms: Min dep: $10 for Neosurf/$20 BTC/$20 ETH/$20 LTC/$20 BNB/$20 XRP/$20 DOGE/$20 Flexepin/$30 CC/$40 USDT. Valid 3 times. Max bet: $10. Max payout 30xD. WRs: 35x(D+B). Games included: Slots, Real-Series Video Slots, Keno, Scratch Cards, Board Games.


Neosurf prepaid card is a convenient payment method that allows you to conduct transactions without providing sensitive financial information. Launched in France by Neosurf Card SAS in 2004, the company soon expanded its operations to many countries around the globe.

Today, popular regulatory bodies, including the United Kingdom Financial Conduct Authority, have accepted this payment method. You can safely gamble online with Neosurf in the UK, Algeria, Belgium, Germany, France, Spain, and Russia, among other countries.

Better still, you can safely buy your Neosurf card from your local shop, online cafes, gas stations, or convenience stores.

How Neosurf Works

There are two types of Neosurf cards, and your choice will depend on availability. Also, how much you want to deposit will determine your choice of card.

Classic Neosurf Cards

With the classic card, you can buy $15, $30, $50, or $100 values in any of the physical or online outlets. Later, when you access Neosurf Casino, you can use up to $250 to play roulette, blackjack, or your favorite video poker.

Minor Neosurf

Just like the Classic Neosurf cards, you can find the minor Neosurf prepaid card locally or in online stores. The card is available in $10 and $20 denominations, making it ideal for new casino players.

To use Neosurf e-Wallet, in an online casino that accepts Neosurf, you’ll need to follow the following process:

  • Find a Neosurf Reseller: using the search option at Neosurf’s official website, you can find the resellers in your region.

And with over 135,000 Neosurf selling points across the globe, you’ll not have trouble finding a reseller near you. If you can’t find a location near you, many online outlets sell Neosurf cards.

  • Choose Your Denomination: Neosurf cards are available in varying denominations from $10 to $100. And because the card remains valid for many years, you can deposit huge amounts and use it every time you want to play Neosurf online slots.
  • Pay: Using your pin code, you can make online payments on any of the websites that accept Neosurf.

Remember, you don’t need to submit your financial details to make transactions. 

Neosurf Additional Features

NeoCash MasterCard

After creating your account with Neosurf, you have the option of applying for a NeoCash MasterCard. This will be connected to your account, and you can use it to make payments in online and local stores.

Using your NeoCash MasterCard, you can process ATM withdrawals, just like using a MasterCard. And because NeoCash MasterCard is widely accepted, you can conduct more transactions locally and online.

Neosurf App (MyNeosurf)

For a more personalized experience, you can install the MyNeosurf app. Here, you can make purchases at your convenient time either via bank transfer, check, or credit card.

Whether you want to conduct your financial transaction at night or over the weekend, you’ll use the app. Better still, you can use different currency types.

While using your prepaid card in a Neosurf online casino, remember to keep your secret card safe. You’ll also be required to key in the unique code when funding your Neosurf MasterCard or deposit funds into your account.

Benefits of Neosurf

Like all payment methods, Neosurf e-Wallet has its highs and lows. But when the highs take the upper hand, it makes this a worthy deposit and withdrawal method.

Here are some of the advantages of Neosurf fund transfer method:

  • Proof of Identification is Not Required: every casino with the Neosurf deposit option does not ask for financial details. To transfer funds, you’ll only need to log into your casino account and follow the banking procedure.
  • Fast: Most players prefer this payment method as there’s no waiting time. Your deposit will reflect in your casino account immediately.
  • No Fees: You’ll not be charged any amount for making deposits at the casino.
  • Globally accepted payment method: Since most casinos around the globe accept Neosurf, you can safely transact from most countries.
  • Easy to Find Neosurf Prepaid Cards: You can walk into your local shop, gas station, or news vendor and buy your card. Also, you can make your purchase online and have it delivered to your doorstep.
  • Secure Payment Method: Since you don’t require to submit your private details while making payments, there’s no risk of getting scammed.

It is worth noting that the safety of your Neosurf Card depends on how safe your PIN is. If you recklessly share your pin, the security of this payment method is no longer guaranteed.

Neosurf Deposits and Withdrawals

Neosurf e-Wallet provides a convenient, anonymous way to fund your account and play Neosurf online slots. To deposit funds, you’ll be only required to key in your PIN and specify the amount you wish to deposit.

And since the cards are available both locally and online, it will not be a struggle to fund your account.

Here’s how you deposit funds in an online casino with Neosurf:

  • Key in your login details to access your account at the casino.
  • Using the casino’s cashier/bank option, click on Neosurf as your preferred deposit option.
  • You’ll be diverted to the Neosurf page where you’ll key in your card’s unique code.
  • Key in the amount of money you wish to deposit and press okay.
  • The amount will reflect in your account immediately.

Remember, you don’t have to use all the money on your card. You can use a little, keep the rest for future gaming at Neosurf mobile casino.

Withdrawals Using Neosurf

Unfortunately, most online casinos do not accept Neosurf as a withdrawal option. You’ll need to look for an alternative banking method to get your funds.

Transaction Fee, Limits, and Processing Time

All your deposits at a Neosurf gambling site will be processed instantly for free. Even better, your funds will be credited immediately to allow an uninterrupted gaming experience.

If you are searching for a payment method where you’ll not pay a fee to make a deposit, this is an ideal option.

Play Neosurf Online Casino Games

Besides being a safe, fast, and dependable deposit option, Neosurf facilitates uninterrupted gambling. Whether you want to play Neosurf slots or video poker for real money, you’ll not wait for days to get your funds.

Thanks to the multiple Neosurf denominations, you can stake between $10 and $250 to play baccarat or roulette for real money. And whenever you have problems with your transactions, the support team is always at hand to offer help.

If you are a regular player or a high roller, you can buy Neosurf cards with a higher value. This way, you’ll have funds for use when you need to make a quick deposit and play for real.

How to Deposit With Neosurf at El Royale Casino

Besides being one of the best Neosurf Casinos, El Royale Casino provides many payment methods. Whether you prefer to use MasterCard, BTC, Visa, or Neosurf, the casino has it all.

To deposit with Neosurf at El Royale Casino:

  • Go to the cashier option once you log into your account. 
  • Choose Neosurf as your preferred payment method.
  • You’ll then follow the payment instructions on your screen.

After completing your transaction, your funds will reflect immediately in your account. Remember to keep your El Royale Casino login details and your Neosurf unique code secure.

If you are worried about your security while transacting at El Royale Neosurf casino, worry no more. The casino has secure end-to-end connections to ensure that your details remain private. 

Better still, you’ll not be required to submit any sensitive financial details when you deposit using Neosurf. And if you are worried about transaction fees, you’ll not pay any fee with this payment method.


How does Neosurf work at Neosurf gambling site?

To use Neosurf at a casino, you’ll need to deposit funds to your card between $10 and $250. You’ll then access the casino’s cashier section and choose Neosurf as your payment method.

By following the preset prompts, you’ll be able to make an instant deposit in your account at El Royale Casino.

Where can I buy a Neosurf Prepaid card?

You can buy from online cafes, supermarkets, local grocery stores, tobacco shops, or from newsagents. You can check Neosurf’s official website to know the location of a vendor near you.

Which are better, Classic or Minor Neosurf cards?

If you are a new player and need to test the waters, you can buy the Minor card available in $10 and $20 denominations.

However, if you are a high roller, the Classic Neosurf card will work best as you can deposit up to $250. For new Neosurf Casino, you can make your deposit in bits as you gauge the quality of their services.

Can I use Neosurf to withdraw from the Neosurf gambling site?

Most Neosurf mobile casinos do not have Neosurf as a withdrawal method. You’ll have to use other payment methods to get your funds.

Why is Neosurf e-Wallet better than other payment methods?

  • You’ll enjoy fast, secure transactions when you gamble online with Neosurf
  • Neosurf cards are widely accepted across the globe
  • You can buy Neosurf vouchers both locally and from internet cafes
  • Depending on your experience level, you can deposit a minimum of $10 or $250 max using Neosurf
  • You don’t have to deposit all your money at a casino with Neosurf deposit at once