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If your attention is caught by this article, then there’s no use in investigating countless internet pages searching for some practical information about fresh additions to the online casinos’ world. Well, you’re quite lucky as we’re here to present you ample and clear information about new casinos and inform you more about El Royale which has emerged in the gambling arena not so long ago. We’re a new casino in 2020 which offers lots of advantages to all comers. 

Moreover, you’ll discover why you should even consider playing at a new casino brand instead of giving your preference to an old and experienced venue that has established its online presence all along ago. So if you befall to be one of the punters who’s not only searching for a new casino brand but is also interested in new online casino games delivered in 2020, you’ll surely find this piece useful and informative. 

How to Choose Your Ideal Online Casino

So, this is a significant and quite serious question which shouldn’t be ignored. Let’s analyze everything and look for an answer that will be both practical and explanatory. 

Every day, new online casinos step out on the track of harsh competition in the industry and fight to make their mark. The battle we are talking about has different forms and shapes: some casinos are focusing primarily on advertising, trying to sell their services on different platforms. These casinos are easy to spot out, and it’s hard to ignore a little banner or pop-up ad they place on any casino-related websites. This strategy may be successful when considering punters who aren’t very selective and don’t waste much time on decision-making. However, there may be some hidden pitfalls regarding other important issues like security and trustworthiness.

Other online casino venues lure new players with lucrative bonuses and an attractive welcome package that can become a dealbreaker for them. 

Some websites will offer better graphics and a choice of games, which is a vastly important criterion in every decision-making process. 

So first off, what we recommend to every player out there is to conduct thorough research before plunging offhandedly into the gaming ocean. Look for a comprehensive guide about casino’s services, compare different characteristics, read reviews, look at what a casino has to give in terms of bonuses, and even try to contact customer support representatives.

Why? Because even if you concluded that you only desire to play some new casino games for fun, you’ll still have several crucial factors to which you should pay attention: deposit/withdrawal methods and the venue’s problem-solving policy. 

Let’s imagine a situation: you found a new trusted online casino for real money, made a deposit, played a little, and now you decided to withdraw your funds. Obviously, if you’re fresh in this entire online casino thing, you will have some questions about how it all operates, so you might decide to contact a customer support rep for some explanations. What can and frequently does go wrong is that the representatives are non-responsive, or rude, or can’t answer your questions in a proper way. So you’re stuck with your money on your casino’s account without having any clues when you’re going to cash them out.

This is a pattern of a perplexing situation that might happen to anybody. So do not ignore the initial research; anyway, you can always opt for El Royale which is 100% reliable and safe.

So having done all your researches, you may find a couple of casinos that suit your taste: a couple of “dinosaurs” of the industry with a decent history of operating and good reviews, and some new real money online casinos that look gorgeous but you can’t determine if you can trust them. So what’s next? In one respect, since this casino is new, you don’t know if it’s gonna be successful. Conversely, there’s an experienced casino that has hundreds of loyal players and tons of positive reviews already.

This is a quandary that strikes even the most experienced users who decided to change their ways a little and switch to a brand new online casino site. 

So let’s figure out what are the losses and gains of both options.

Choosing Where to Play: New vs. Established Casino

For starters, let’s single out one quite obvious fact: the online casino business is very competitive. Online casinos are just another business, and even the veterans of the field can’t guarantee you that one day they won’t cease their activities even though they serve hundreds of punters. So the rule “the older the casino, the safer it is” doesn’t work. 

What does work is the casino’s reputation. The name of a casino is built upon a couple of primordial pillars:

  • Customer support responsiveness
  • Safe deposits
  • Secured and fast withdrawals
  • Good conditions for players, i.e., bonuses, loyalty programs, easy and user-friendly website
  • Clear policies stated in the T&Cs

All these conditions are met by El Royale though it’s quite new; also it boasts several little things you should also consider:

  1. The latest online casinos are more than often very interested in attracting new clients, so they always try to invent some new online casino promotions that will help sell their services properly. New online casino bonuses are usually pretty client-oriented because getting as many clients as feasible at the initial stages is very significant and business-wise. 
  2. Such New casinos as El Royale use innovative and advanced technologies that help create a better visual presentation of the website. This way, whenever visiting the El Royale platform, one will see that much effort along with creativity and thoughtfulness were employed during the development process.
  3. New casinos 2020 introduce new games, especially new online slots, twice faster than established casinos in a bid to entice clients with some spicy and well-designed content. 
  4. Top new casinos offer the chance to play their games on new mobile casino platforms, presenting either a mobile app or a functional and responsive mobile version for your browser. 
  5. As practice shows, customer support reps are usually more responsive and friendly because when you’re building a good standing for a new gambling site, it’s very significant that the clients feel comfortable while trying to resolve their issues and always feel at ease contacting customer support service.
  6. New online casinos usually present a better choice of payment methods that is always client-oriented.

El Royale features all these perks thus is quite attractive for all avid players and casino devotees.

Now even though a few pretty obvious advantages come to mind when we mention established casinos that operate in the niche for quite a while (for instance, a solid reputation, years of work, tons of clients), a number of potential pitfalls may be expecting you there:

  1. Casinos that are active for more than 5 years might feel reluctant to attract clients with lucrative new casino bonuses because usually they already have enough clients not only to keep their company afloat but to earn huge profits without giving their clients possibilities to use any extras. 
  2. Even though most established casinos take their marketing game very seriously, sometimes they believe that their website’s redesign might be a risky campaign. Firstly, loyal clients are used to this design and might not like the changes, especially if the venue is popular. Secondly, it demands much time and means to come up with a cool and conceptual design that will satisfy your audience. So in many cases, established casinos prefer to proceed with their old, not that user-friendly and usually pretty dull design.
  3. And lastly, new casinos feel much more eager about introducing new payment systems for a client, while old casinos don’t seem that confident about changing anything on their websites not to perplex loyal players.

Well, the reasons for choosing the best new casino possible are pretty obvious. 

RTG Top Game Titles

As you apparently know, It’s vital for your gaming experience to have a broad and ample choice of the newest online casino games. Mostly we’re speaking about slot machine games because not only can one get better graphic performance with each new release, but they can also use promotions and bonuses there. That’s right, online casinos (and El Royale is no expectation), come with pretty good bonuses with each newly released game. 

Here’s the listing of new RTG titles you can encounter at El Royale:


Pulsar is a brand new slot machine game that features an amazing galaxy with planets and stars floating around, and here you have a chance to make your deposit burst out in flames like a supernova and get the maximum payout of as high as 50,000x bet per line.

If you like a slot theme that takes you to a different realm and you’re a fan of science-fiction, this slot will definitely be up your alley. 

Dr. Winmore

A crazy but a genius scientist who’s working on a magic potion that has an ability to boost your luck: isn’t it a great scenario for a perfect slot machine game? This game’s top jackpot is 3,000x your initial bet, and even though the stakes are pretty low, you’re guaranteed to get an unforgettable time playing this game. 

Magic Mushroom

This pretty suggestive name is, in fact, more of a ruse to attract your attention to this fairy-tail-like game with magic fairies that look like mushrooms. This game is very colorful and it sucks you in the gameplay from the very beginning due to its unusual game grid. This game is pretty exciting and fun and it gives you a chance to hit the jackpot of up to 540x your initial wager. 

5 Wishes

Make your wish and choose it wisely because this time it may actually come true. Welcome to the land of magic lamps, genies, and flying carpets! This is a land of possibilities where everything is more than just a mirage, and even getting a top reward of up to 50,000x bet per line doesn’t seem impossible! As this game has pretty high volatility, don’t lose your focus and don’t lower your bet, because your winning time may be just around the corner! 

So if you want to plunge into the world of your favorite childhood fairytale, you should definitely give this slot machine a go and trust your best instincts!

Diamond Fiesta

A little bit of Mexican-style festivities can never do any harm, just don’t go too far with all the tequila shots! Dia de Muertos is a bright festival that celebrates not only the fallen but also those who are alive and live it to the fullest. This slot will teleport you to the imaginary world of the undead with bright and entertaining features and will give you the chance to hit a pretty exciting prize! 

Why Should You Sign Up for a New Online Casino in 2020?

Well, now that you know about all the reasons new casinos can be way better than old ones, let’s talk in detail about El Royale Online Casino and what it can offer to a regular player.

El Royale is a brand new casino established and launched in 2020 that uses a spectacular theme of the Roaring 20s Era. This casino offers a great variety of games and can boast a classy and easily navigable website design. 

El Royale offers its players a welcome package of lucrative bonuses that range in types and sizes but if summed up, they can bring you up to $12,500 on your account. To get all this money on your playable balance, you will surely have to spend some time playing with El Royale and using the bonuses that are displayed in the Promotions section of the website or in your cashier.

Since El Royale is a new casino, it tries its best to make players all around the world choose its services. In each promotional email, you will get a new invitation to a special event that guarantees a hefty bonus! 

To become a new member of this classy society, you just need to sign up for the casino’s services and make a couple of deposits. The website provides you with all the most convenient deposit methods like Visa, Mastercard, Neosurf and Bitcoin, and this process won’t be of any trouble for you. 

After signing up, you will instantly get a welcome email that will direct you to the website where you’ll be able to enter the promotional code in your cashier and play with free spins or slots matches right away.

El Royale takes customer care very seriously, and if you have any doubts or any questions arising during your gaming time, you’re free to contact customer support service via Live Chat or phone number, or even e-mail. They will be there for you in a matter of seconds. 


Let’s put all the information we stated earlier in a more reader-friendly and understandable form so you could easily focus on the most important question and single out what interests you the most.

What are the most attractive benefits of becoming a player at a new casino?

The most important benefit is pretty obvious: bonuses! New online casinos can get super generous when it comes to promotions because at an early stage of establishing a good reputation new casinos need to push some boundaries! In addition to all the above-mentioned information, you’ll get the chance to experience the magic of cutting-edge software and excellent and pretty impressive graphics! All of these can be found at El Royale!

How can I make sure that a new casino is trustworthy?

There is no universal answer to that. Both new and established casinos may have their pros and cons security-wise. But you have to make extensive research into casino’s history, owners and maybe even contact customer support representatives before you start playing it for real money. As for El Royale, it’s a completely trustworthy licensed online venue that implements modern encryption technologies, so you can leave your doubts aside.

Do new online casinos provide a bigger payout percentage?

New casinos and established casinos usually have the same percentage of payout, but sometimes, the conditions at a newly established casino may be better. For instance, a new casino can offer you a lower playthrough and this may actually result in a higher payout.

At El Royale, all these conditions are more than reasonable, allowing you to enjoy your winnings to the fullest!