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Baccarat is quite an uncomplicated game to follow: the dealer distributes two cards to the player and to the banker. The aim consists in predicting the hand that most closely approaches 9. Your range of possible placed bets includes the bets on the Banker, on a Tie, and on the Player. The hand which has 8 or 9 points wins, and this is called a natural combination. In the unlikely case of a tie, if both banker’s and player’s hands have naturals of identical value, the player’s bet is pushed back. If the Player and the Banker have a natural, the highest count (9) wins over 8. If the hand has no natural, in that case, the third card is distributed. The cards’ values are the following: 2 - 9 have the face value, while 10’s and Face Cards have no value, and all Aces count as one point. At real money online baccarat, this set of rules is generally observed.

The original Baccarat had another game model, where each player had to choose and place bets. The version played at casinos nowadays is called Mini-Baccarat or Punto Banco; within this game version, you have to play against the casino (the dealer), and you also have a strictly regulated choice of cards. 

Introduction and History of Baccarat

Although we don’t know when baccarat made its first appearance, many European countries have laid claim to the invention of this game. Either Italy or France is likely to be the cradle of this particular game of cards. Baccarat is denominated Punto Banco in Spain, and in many casinos, this game is known under this very title. In France, it has the title of “Chemin de Fer,” while in some other countries, it is played under the title of “Macao.” 

An Italian, Felix Falguiere, is believed to be the inventor of Baccarat; at least according to the most widely prevalent origin story of this game. Baccarat was formerly played with a deck of Tarot cards. The game has origins in a pagan rite from the ancient Etruscans that they used to decide the fate of young maidens: it consisted of throwing the dice, and then the outcome decided their future profession.

After medieval times, i.e., in the XVth century, Baccarat appeared in France as well. The Paris elite enjoyed playing the game of Baccarat as their favorite pastime under the title of “Chemin de Fer,” which means “Railroad.” At that point in history, the railroad was the fastest means of transportation; so this name was simply making an allusion to the fast pace of the game. It had many side bets and is reportedly still played in some European casinos. 

So, this game of chance soon became extremely popular at casino tables with their various different table limits; this means the game is suitable for any player, starting from a modest beginner to a highroller. So at our online casino, you can play baccarat online for real money together with the best real baccarat for fun.

Real Money Baccarat vs. Free Baccarat

For the best possible experience of gambling,  we can suggest you play real cash baccarat at El Royale Casino and enjoy your real cash winnings! You will have plenty of room to practice totally random results; the latter is guaranteed by the gaming software, licensed and regularly checked to comply with all the relevant gaming regulations and to ensure proper randomness. 

The alternative to online baccarat for money is free online Baccarat. While playing this, you gain the possibility to sharpen your gambling skills, memorize the game’s rules, and then exercise your intuition when placing bets. It has some advantages and disadvantages as well: at some casinos, you can play live baccarat online for money only. However, here there is an option of free games, as the fun balance at El Royale Casino is $1,000.

Baccarat Payouts

There are three ways you can win money playing baccarat online: you can place only three types of bets in this game, locating your chips on a specially designed place on the gaming table. 

  • Punto, a bet on the player’s win, is satisfied with 1:1 payout
  • Banco, a bet on the banker’s win, is satisfied with 19:20 payout (a 5% commission is to be deducted from the payout of 1:1)
  • Tie, a bet on the tie between the player and the banker (which means, they have the same point numbers on their hands). This is rewarded with 8:1 or sometimes, with a payout of 9.1.

The house edge at Baccarat is as low as 1,06% which makes this game profitable, and also as simple as making your bets on the toss of a coin! 

Types of Online Baccarat Games for Real Money

There are not many kinds of baccarat games online for money that you can play online; at El Royale, you can find 1 computer-assisted version of baccarat from RTG. In general, there are several best real money online baccarat games out there, and below you can read their rules and specifications. 

Punto Banco

We’re going to describe the RTG baccarat. Under the set of rules that it uses, the tie bet pays 9 to 1, while usually, the pay is 8 to 1. All the other rules stay the same as for the ordinary baccarat. The house edge on each bet is the following:

  • Banker: 1.06%
  • Player: 1.24%
  • Tie: 4.93%

Super 6

This unconventional variation of Baccarat is sometimes called Punto 2000 in some casinos. Super 6 is played in the same way as the original Baccarat, except for one rule: a 6 point hand grants a win to the Banker! In such a case, the respective payout is just one half of the bet. On other occasions, the Banker’s bet house edge is 1.46%, which is lower than the 5% commission charged by many casinos. When these rules are applied, the pace of the game increases at land-based casinos, as the dealer doesn’t have to spend time calculating the commission. The game itself is quite risky; because as you might have guessed already, the 6 points at the Banker’s hand may occur quite often. And in this way, the probability of losing is higher than in the usual baccarat.

Baccarat Strategies

A lot has already been written about winning baccarat strategies, but most of them are aimed at math professionals. So we’ve decided to describe some easy Baccarat strategies you can use in your gaming sessions that can help you to increase your bankroll. But be aware that so far, there’s no such thing as a 100% win strategy, and anyone who claims to have developed it is a scammer.

Stand Your Ground

Regardless of your Baccarat playing experience, there’s one thing for sure here: no hand is going to lose or win forever. And as you can see from your own experience, the Banker vs. Player outcomes do have a tendency to change in a zigzag manner. 

The best and simplest strategy in Baccarat is to hold on to any of the hands; and by doing so, the win you’re anticipating is bound to come sooner or later. You can stick to the bet on the Banker, or can experiment with a player’s side where the payout is a bit larger. There is always a probability of winning a couple of times in a row while you bet on one of the Baccarat hands. 

The trends show that Banker vs. Player wins happen in clusters, meaning that more than one win occurs on a single hand. The wins stick in clusters, go side by side, or at small distances. At the same time, betting experts advise setting a loss limit for yourself (somewhere between 2 to 5 losses), when this happens, you should make a little break from your real money online gambling baccarat sessions. 

No matter which hand you choose, you need to know that there’s only a little difference in the house edge on both sides (1.06% on the Player and 1.34% on the Banker). We can translate this like that: the banker has no decisive advantage over the player. The Return to Player at real baccarat gambling online ranges between 98.76% - 98.94%, which makes it more profitable than playing slots. 

Follow the Trends

You can observe what kind of trends are present at the outcomes of baccarat winning hands. In most cases, Baccarat trends tend to switch from opposite streaks to double streaks. You need to understand the pattern, because this is going to grant you the key to winning in Baccarat. 

When you play baccarat online for money, it is easier to follow the trends as you can see the whole game history at the bottom of your screen. In this way, you can recognize the trends that appear. These could be small streaks that change one after another, long streaks that follow each other.

The main downside of this strategy is that you may be doing too much of a guessing game as you’re never going to get the exact knowledge of when the trend is going to change: as all the results are completely random! We advise you not to bet too much when using this strategy, unless you’re 100% sure about the outcome. 

Sometimes you may enter into a hovering trend, which shows no definite patterns. So whenever this happens, the advice is to make your way with small bets, or tie bets, or just wait till any further trend makes an appearance! 

Break the Doubles

This modern strategy for smart Baccarat betting is to bet on the opposites until you run into a double streak. If you end up losing, you’re going to have to wait for the streak to finish and then continue betting on the opposite. You just need to wait until the double streaks are over and then bet on the opposite hand. You need to be aware that some streaks come in zigzags, so make sure you don’t miss them when they occur. 

Tips to Increase Your Chances of Winning at Online Baccarat

Learn the table layout together with rules.

This is true for any casino table game; but in baccarat, where there are only three possible bets, you might think there isn’t much to memorize. In any case, you need to feel comfortable at any baccarat online game for real money. 

Play for free (for fun) first before starting real-money bets. 

By playing for free you get a perfect opportunity to sharpen your gambling skills, try yourself different betting systems with no risk for your money, and polish your knowledge of the rules. 

Never bet on a Tie.

This is the bet with the highest house edge of approximately 14%, and although it does offer 9:1 payout, it happens quite rarely. 

Know your limits. 

Just like with all other online betting games, be ready to set your bankroll aside and don’t ever exceed it. While you play baccarat online for money, the casino system tracks all your wins and losses, so you can easily get access to your game log, with all wins and losses. 

Make wise choices concerning betting systems.

As you have already read, there is no perfect betting system. We haven’t even mentioned the Martingale system; this can actually lead you to some significant losses, as it’s based around the concept of increasing bets, in order to chase your losses. 

Why Play Real Money Baccarat at El Royale Casino?

  • Safe banking options that are convenient for most online players
  • Computer-assisted internet baccarat for money from RealTime Gaming
  • Possibility of playing for fun to receive training
  • At El Royale Casino, it’s easy for you to find the best-quality baccarat games online for money
  • Totally random results provided by the Random Numbers Generator
  • Fair payouts at El Royale
  • A wide array of promotions and bonuses are available to both new players and frequent players
  • The low house edge at baccarat games for money
  • Nice odds that pay out 9:1 in the less probable case of a tie.
  • The possibility of playing mobile baccarat for real money


What’s the best baccarat site for real money?

If you’re looking for your favorite baccarat site for real money then search no more, as El Royale combines every essential ingredient you could possibly need for this site to become your absolute favorite: varied table limits, perfect mobile casino, good customer support, and top security. Also, you need to flip through some real player reviews in order to get an idea about the casino as well as independent reviews published on independent watchdogs. 

Can I play mobile baccarat for real money at El Royale Casino?

YES, you can definitely enjoy mobile baccarat for real money at El Royale! Its website has a responsive layout that permits you to enjoy Baccarat to the fullest. El Royale mobile casino boasts a fast loading time and a perfect user-friendly design. You can access it from both Android and iOS mobile devices. 

What makes El Royale a good online real baccarat casino?

A good online real baccarat casino must have ample scope of betting limits, significant welcome bonuses, 24/7 customer support, a mobile casino, a broad array of payment options, and, of course, be protected and secured as well. All that and more, you can encounter at El Royale! And with a tiny bit of luck, you can also become the winner of a hefty sum of cash!

What side bets can I place at real money online baccarat games?

The game of RTG online Baccarat doesn’t allow side bets. However, at Super 6 you get the chance to bet on the Banker having a 6 in his hand!