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Craps has a rather long history: the dice game in its recognizable variant originated in Medieval England and was mentioned in the “Canterbury Tales” written by Geoffrey Chaucer. “Krabs,” also spelled as “Crabs,” was a British variation of a game also known as “hazard.” However, there are mentions of a game with similarities to craps played by the Roman Empire soldiers. Instead of common dice, pig knucklebones were used in that type of gambling. 

Craps was imported into the US, New Orleans in the early 19th century. It was played by the underclass in the streets. However, in its modern variant, the game was brought to Las Vegas when gambling became legal in 1931. The game became popular during WWII as the US soldiers played it in their free time. It became truly recognizable, and the image of dice became firmly associated with craps. 

Let’s commence with a short description of craps and its bets. The playing table is bathtub-shaped and has many zones and kinds of bets associated with different zones. The table walls on each end are covered with a rubber surface with small pyramids to ensure that the dice roll randomly. At the bottom of the table, you will find duplicate layouts, and in the center, you can notice a supplementary group of bet zones that players standing on both ends of the playing table can use. 

Around 8 players can be located around the table, plus four casino employees running the game. One boxman sits next to the bank of the casino; his duties are to supervise dealers and manage chips. There are also a couple of base dealers who collect and pay the bets, plus one stickman who announces the outcomes of each dice roll and pushes the dice crosswise the table’s layout with a wooden stick; he also takes and pays the wagers from the table center. 

As you can witness, there’s lots of work for a team of dealers in real craps, while in the online craps for real money all this work is performed in an automatic manner by the software. In online craps for real money, one is free to place the wagers themselves and play alone, without a crowd of other players, shooters, fellow gamblers, and watchers hanging around the table. However, there is a feasibility to miss the atmosphere of joy that reigns at the real craps playing tables, plus the chance to upgrade your dice control. But for novices playing online casino craps for real money is a sound alternative. Craps software has evolved significantly and the RNG does all the calculations and provides spontaneous results of each dice roll.

Real Money Craps vs. Free Craps

If a punter decides to play craps online for real money, they can explore the thrill of real wagers coming and going and make stakes with real cash and savor their winnings! Approach and enjoy the best online craps for real money at El Royale! RealTime Gaming software provides fair and transparent gameplay and true payouts, all that you can experience at our casino 24/7 from any part on the globe. 

Alternately, free craps also has some advantages: you can obtain the skills required for triumphant real money craps tournaments, learn the odds and rules of this table game, and have some training before you commence playing online casino craps for real money. If you don’t feel confident enough when you place bets or have some concerns about the rules, play real craps online for free first and then switch to real cash craps when you feel assured.

Craps Odds

Craps may seem daunting to some new players, even if they pick craps online for money. Nevertheless, craps is one of the player-favorable games in any casino as it boasts one of the lowest house edges possible. The most vital part of playing craps is learning the odds in this game. This may appear to be complex at first glance. To play like a genuine highroller (by the way, the word “highroller” comes from the word “roll”), you should know the way to place bets wisely while participating in craps for real money. 




House Edge


Pass Line Bet

Under this bet, we understand the most basic game bet, as it’s a bet offered on a come-out roll. Eleven or seven grants you a win.




Don´t Pass or (Don’t Come)

The current bet is aiming at the opposite results comparing to the previous bet. To win it, you have to roll a two or a three, while 7 and 11 numbers lose.




Any 7

It’s mere a winning or a losing bet, you bet on a 7 emerging in any dice combination.





Craps bet is triggered if the dealer rolls three, two, or twelve before they come in. Sometimes it’s called a hedge bet.




Taking the Odds

The bet boasts a zero house edge, while you bet on the result before seven is rolled.


4 and 2 pay 2:1

5 and 9 pay 3:2

6 and 8 pay 6:5

Laying the Odds

Under the conditions of this stake, you should bet that the point numbers will be rolled after a 7 appears. It also boasts a 0 house edge.


4 and 2 pay 2:1

5 and 9 pay 3:2

6 and 8 pay 6:5

Place Bets

Here you must place wagers on a series of figures, and you succeed if they appear before a seven.

6 and 8 - 1.52%

5 and 9 - 4.00%

4 and 10- 6.67%







Lay Bets

The bet works the opposite way, and it succeeds when the place bet loses.

6 and 8 - 2.27%

5 and 9 - 2.00%

4 and 10 -1.67%







Big 6 and 8

Under the conditions of this bet, six or eight should emerge before a seven.



Even Money

Field Bets

When you opt for field bets, you must bet on the number to be rolled. The numbers among which you can select are 2, 3,4, 9, 10, 11,12.




2 - 2:1

12 - 3:1

3 or 11

The three or eleven bet is like a field bet, but with limited rare numbers.




Hard Bets

This kind of bet grants you a victory if you roll two identical numbers on each of the dice. The sum can be two, four, six, eight, ten. 

6 and 8 - 9.09%

4 and 10-11.11%

2 - 13.89%




Craps Money Management

It’s essential to know how to handle your financing properly, that means your bankroll. Nevertheless, this doesn’t guarantee that you raise your bankroll in no-time and keep it high. Your chances of gaining profit in craps game online for money also depend on your approach towards the game, the types of bets you place, and the strategy you fancy. 

Craps is considered a game with high volatility, and thus, the wins and losses come quickly. Of course, everybody gambles to be rewarded, but it’s better to decide first how much you are OK to risk. 

After deciding the optimal gambling bankroll size, you need to establish the size of the bet: it’s sound to play with no more than 1% of your entire craps gambling budget. Also, you need to choose how much to wager per hour. For this, divide the entire bankroll by the hours you plan to spend playing internet craps for real money. 

To receive the maximum in terms of winnings, you’d better place bets with the lowest house edge. Above you can find which bets have it, also you can select the optimal betting strategy from the betting strategies below. 

The Best Craps Betting Strategies

One of the most accurate real money craps strategies is Reverse Martingale. If you aren’t familiar with the Martingale method, remember that it’s quite a risky strategy that suggests doubling your bet after a loss. Alternatively, this one is just the contrary: you need to double the wager each time you win to chase the winning streak and return to the original bet size once you lose. You will be risking smaller sums and generate more profit. If you apply this strategy and place bets wisely (and Lady Luck is on your side), soon you can see your bankroll growing. 

Among other strategies, you can encounter a flat-betting method, positive and negative progression wagering, the mentioned Martingale system, and Oscar’s betting method. 

Tips to Boost Your Chances of Winning at Online Craps

The general piece of advice we can address you is that you should dodge risky bets and quit as soon as you’re winning on the peak of your bankroll. More specific advice includes the following:

  • Learn the odds and the H.E. of each bet 
  • The most beneficial bets are Come, Pass Line, Don’t Come, and Don’t Pass. 
  • Avoid Big 6 and 8, Hard 10, and Hard 4, and any 7
  • Use Free Odds bets with a 0 house edge. 
  • Carefully use your bankroll
  • Practice for free before opting for real craps gambling online.

Why Should You Play Real Money Craps at El Royale Casino?

  • Fair payouts in our trusted online casino 
  • Option to enjoy mobile craps for real money
  • Trustworthy gaming software from RealTime Gaming
  • Good-quality game graphics and performance
  • Easy bet placing system
  • Low house edge

Real Money Craps FAQ 

How to place bets while being engaged in online craps for real money?

To place stakes in online craps for real money, one merely needs to click on the chips of desired value and then on the area on the playing table where they wish to settle their bet. Craps has two stages: the point stage and the come-out roll. In online craps, you are the one who’s “rolling” the dice, and you must place wagers on a don’t pass or pass line. 

What is the best online craps for real money website?

We recommend playing craps for real money in El Royale Casino because it’s a modern casino that is duly licensed under the jurisdiction of Curaçao and provides fair and reliable real craps gambling online.

Can I download a real money craps app at El Royale Casino? 

We have a superb mobile casino that is available from any Android and iOS mobile devices. The mobile casino can be enjoyed on the go and offers the same gameplay as the desktop version. It’s a no-download mobile casino, so you won’t need to upload any app at all. 

What are the odds in craps?

The odds in craps depend on the bet type; there are bets with 0 house edge, plus there are ones with up to 16%  house edge. It’s better to know the odds of each bet type to place your wagers wisely.