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Are you searching for a comprehensive online roulette gambling for real money guide that will answer all your questions and tick all your boxes? Then stop all your searches as you have found the right place! In this article, we will try to sort out all the information about online roulette for real money and the reasons why you should try to play it here, at El Royale Casino.

First off, let’s all face it: roulette is one of the most widespread and well-recognizable symbols that has been representing the casino industry since its very foundation. And we all know for sure that roulette has always been one of the most thrilling and fascinating casino games that ever existed due to its unpredictability. But sometimes it’s hard to find the best online roulette for real money option, and we are here to understand what are the main principles of choosing the best option to play online roulette with real money for each and every player.

If you take card games like blackjack and poker, you’ll probably be surprised by the abundance of strategies and rules that are bound to be followed and memorized in order for a player to win. The entire strategic part of many casino games takes away from the player the most exciting part of games of chance - luck and coincidence. Roulette is definitely a game that can make you feel like a true magician or a psychic if you can flawlessly predict the place where the ball will land each time the wheel spins. 

However, even if you think that there’s nothing to learn about this game and its rules, you should probably reconsider your attitude a bit. Roulette has a long and quite fascinating history and its rules were invented by great minds of this world, and these facts make one thing clear: if you want to win real money while playing this exciting game of chance, there is some basic knowledge you must learn first. 

Since there are several types of roulette, it means that with each type of it the winning pattern changes, and if you really want to understand the essence of this game, you must dig deeper into the rules. And we're here to help you do that!

History of Roulette

The first roulette prototype saw the light of the day in 17th century France and appeared as one of many attempts to create a perpetual motion machine. Since then, roulette has become an integral part of every gambling house in France and many other European countries. 

The original layout of the game was as follows: the red color was used for single zero, and black - for double zero. 

After that, different countries changed the style of the layout by adding some new features. For instance, the early American roulette used numbers 1-28, as well as single and double zeros on a green background and a symbol featuring an American eagle.

The game was considered so exciting and entertaining that it spread throughout Europe and the US like a wildfire, and soon every respectable gambling venue lured hundreds and thousands of players offering to try their luck at roulette. 

Nowadays, there are plenty of land-based casinos that offer you to play live roulette for real money. But these are not the only places where you can feel the thrill of the real game and earn some money. 

The Internet has given us plenty of opportunities to play online and win some cash. All you have to do is find the best online roulette games for money at any online casino that offers you a good deal. All the rest is in your hands.

Real Money Roulette vs. Free Roulette

Each and every casino game guide will always recommend that you try to play a game for free before you dive into the gaming process, where you’ll be playing roulette online for money. Obviously, you will only have this choice at an online casino.

Many online casinos offer you a demo mode option for their games, but if you’re ready to play it big, you can surely do it online too! 

A lot of people actually think that you can only play roulette games for real money at land-based casinos, but times have changed and now it’s pretty easy to deposit some money on your account and spend some nice time playing online without having to leave your room!

Moreover, online casinos also offer the chance to play mobile roulette for real money. This ultimately means that you don’t even have to download a real money roulette app. All you need to do is follow some easy steps: open the browser on your mobile device, open the casino website, and play as much as you like!

Popular Online Roulette Variations

As you all know, roulette has several variations that make the layout look a bit different in each of them. The rules may only seem very simple, but underneath a very attractive shell, there’re complex mechanisms that define the force that drives the multi-layered system of roulette. 

So, there are several online roulette game variations which have a couple of differences:

  • European Roulette
  • American Roulette
  • French Roulette

Let’s find out what are the rules of each game and what are the odds of you winning.

European Roulette

This type of roulette is a game that has evolved from the original version with a couple of alterations. The main difference from an American version of the game is that European roulette has only one zero pocket. This fact decreases the house edge and makes the prospects of your winning slightly more optimistic. This version of roulette is pretty common and you can play online European roulette for real money at any online casino of your choice. However, if you’re a fan of some live-action gambling, you can always play it in casinos across Europe and Asia. 

European roulette features 36 pockets and only one zero, which makes this game a perfect choice for your online gaming session. Other than that, we should mention that European roulette has a pretty neat layout with a horizontal number grid and a couple of other betting options like color, even/odd number, 1 to 18 and 19 to 36, etc.

American Roulette

American type of roulette game is a classic feature of any Las Vegas casino (actually, any American casino, for that matter). This version of the game has its own peculiarities, but in general the essence of the game remains the same. 

Let’s start with the most significant differences. First off, this game features two zero pockets, and this fact makes the house edge substantially higher. Secondly, the numbers are positioned in a slightly different way on the layout. However, we should add that this particular fact has a more dramatic effect on the game. Thirdly, the number of pockets differs as well: American roulette has 38 numbers compared to 36 in European and French variations. 

The grid here also has some slight differences: the numbers are placed in vertical order, and zero and double zero bets can be found on the left side of the number grid.

For those players who enjoy some online gaming action without having to deal with travels and crowds of people, online casinos offer a perfect opportunity to play online American roulette for money.

French Roulette

French Roulette is often compared to the European version of the game because of their identical wheels. However, they cannot be considered as the same type of roulette as the French version has some features that are not peculiar to the European type.

Players who choose the French type of the game have a couple of perks, presented in the form of the rules called “la partage” and “la prison.”

The “la partage” rules state that each time the ball lands on zero pockets and you lose your outside bet, you can get half of your wager back. 

“En prison” stands for “in prison,” and you are going to understand why they used such a peculiar name for the rule. You see, each time you lose your outside bet because the ball ends up on zero, you bet stays right at the same spot for the next spin. This bet is practically “imprisoned” in this position until the wheel spins again; if your bet wins next time, you can have your wager back! This means that these rules are quite player-oriented and they play at your favor. 

The rest about the French type of roulette is identical to European roulette: the grid, numbers, and bets. However, what is great about this type of game, thanks to its two additional rules, is that the house edge is significantly reduced! And now the question arises: where can I play this magnificent roulette variation? Well, French roulette is not the most popular choice for brick and mortar casinos, however, you can always play online French Roulette for real money and get the same rush and thrill as if you were playing at a real live venue!

Types of Bets

Roulette has a complex number of bets that you can make in order to increase your chances of winning. The choice of wager options is so broad that this game can overshadow almost all other casino games! The betting options range from numbers and colors to groups of numbers. And they can be divided into two categories - inside and outside bets.

As you already know, roulette has three main variations: American, European, and French, but all of them have relatively alike rules. 

Let’s talk about betting options in more detail.

Straight (Single) Bet

This betting option offers you the possibility to bet on a single number on the grid, and it pays 36 to 1 in European and French types of roulette, and 37 to 1 in American type.

Street Bet

A street bet is a type of bet that is used to cover a row of three numbers at once. If you decide to make this bet, your chips are placed on the left side of the row. The payout goes as follows: 11.33 to 1 for European and French roulette versions and 11.67 to 1 for American roulette. 

Split Bet

Split bet offers you to place a bet on 2 numbers in one unit. The payout of this bet is 17.5 to 1 for French and European roulette and 18 to 1 for American roulette. 

Corner (Square) Bet

The corner bet can be placed on four adjacent numbers at the same time. The payout for this type of a bet is 8.25 to one for European ad French roulette and 8.5 to 1 for American Roulette.

Six Line (Double Street) Bet

Line bet is basically a double street bet. This bet is placed on two rows or six numbers in a row. If you win this type of a bet, your payout will equal 5.167 to 1 for French and European roulettes and 5.33 to 1 for American roulette. 

Column Bet

The name of the bet says it all here. You place a bet on a whole vertical column consisting of 12 numbers. The stakes for European/French roulette and American roulette are 2.083 to 1 and 2.167 to 1 correspondingly. 

Top Line (Basket)

This bet is inherent to American roulette and you won’t find it in European and French variations. This bet is supposed to cover such numbers as 0, 00, 1, 2, and 3, and it actually features the worst odds of winning and a huge house edge of 7.89%! 

Dozen Bet

This bet is very much like the Column bet because it has the same winning stakes and odds ratio. But here the set of numbers you are betting on is slightly different. Here you can bet on such a set of numbers as 1-12,13-24, and 25-36.

Red or Black

Here everything is pretty simple: you place your wager on the color of the winning number. The odds are almost 1 to 1 for both American and French/European Roulettes.

Odd or Even

Everything is quite clear here two. You just place your wager either on the odd or the even number. The odds of winning are identical to Red/Black wager.

High or Low

Here you can either bet on a group of low numbers aka 1-18 or on a group of high numbers aka 18-36. The odds are identical to two previous bet options. 

In a nutshell, you can see that both European and French versions of the game present much higher odds of winning, mainly due to the absence of the double zero feature that curves the house edge to the casino’s advantage.

Ultimately, all of these bets are all applicable whether you choose to visit a land-based venue or to go online. Using the winning tips wisely, you can both win big and become a real roulette expert playing real money online roulette.

High and Low Stakes Roulette

If you choose to play the real money online roulette game, you will have a possibility to play either low or high stakes roulette games, depending on what your intentions are. 

Low Stakes

If you decide to play low stakes online roulette games for money, casinos across the internet will be pleased to give you this opportunity. For instance, at some online casinos bets start at $0,01 per spin, and you can actually choose the pace you wish. This is one of the main advantages of the online form of the game because land-based casinos are unable to provide you with an option.

High Stakes

If you’re a high-roller, who came here to play roulette for real cash and spin some reels, then both land-based casinos and online casinos will offer you to bet as much as $500. 

Tips to Increase Your Chances of Winning at Online Roulette

Even though there is no 100% solid way to predict the winning number or color at roulette, there are still a few tips you can use to make your game smoother and more efficient.

Know your odds

If you look at the betting patterns we described above, you can notice that we mentioned the ods for each betting technique you use. This means that before you start playing, you should get acquainted with all the odds to understand which patterns work best for you. 

However, roulette is the game that requires good intuition and extensive knowledge of the game, that’s why you should combine those two “ingredients” for success to make a winning “dish.” 

Betting systems don’t always work

We know that sometimes it can be excruciatingly boring to immerse yourself into the whole gaming process and try to figure out the betting pattern you need to use in order to win. Instead, you think: “There are plenty of betting systems I can use and people actually swear by them!”

Well, it’s not that easy. Even though some people may have tried to play roulette at the casino for real money and won big money using betting systems, the problem is that roulette is totally unbiased and unpredictable. That means that even if you take the same steps that someone else found successful for them, you might not get the result you expect. So you have to be careful.

Choose your variation of roulette

Since roulette has three main types: American, European, and French, you have a broader choice when it comes to the decision-making process. And in this roulette guide, you have already learned something new about each type, so you should know what to choose before actually playing online casino roulette for real money.

Roulette Betting Systems

There are several betting systems that are designed to help you win faster and more systematically while playing roulette. Some resources will even offer you to buy these systems and promise you that you will become rich in a blink of an eye. Well, most of those people are schemers and frauds, so never trust people who will try to sell a betting system. Instead, you can read about the most widespread betting systems here, no fees applied.

The Martingale System

This system is a classic and well-known betting strategy used for all sorts of games of chance. The rules of the system are pretty easy: you increase or decrease the size of your wager according to the result of the previous game. So, basically, what you have to do here is increase your wager x2 every time you lose the previous bet, and return to an original amount of a wager every time you land a winning bet. 

But here nobody guarantees 100% desired results. This system is as flawed as any other system and you should beware of some major pitfalls. One string of unfortunate bets can leave you without money to bet.


This betting system reminds a lot of the Martingale system, but it actually works counterclockwise (in the opposite direction). That means that every time you win, you double your initial bet, and every time you lose, you return to the initial amount of bet. The odds of a huge win when using this betting system are relatively low, and it’s only effective in the short term games.

The Fibonacci System

Fibonacci...sound pretty classy, doesn’t it? Well, not only does it sound good, but it also looks pretty easy to apply. Here you have to make a bet according to the following sequence: 0,1,1,2,3,5,8,12,20,32… As you can see, the system uses a sequence that progresses by adding two previous numbers. This sequence only works for a short-term game though. The more you apply it the more money you put at stake and the bigger the chances of your defeat. 

Why Should You Play Real Money Roulette at El Royale Casino?

Now that you know everything you need in order to start your successful roulette journey, a logical question arises: Where should I play? 

Well, if you decide to choose to play roulette online for money, then what we recommend is to try playing at El Royale Casino for a couple of reasons:

You can play at the convenience of your own home.

True, when you choose this type of gaming, you can play at your own pace at home without noisy crowds that often meddle with your thread of thought when you’re trying to concentrate. 

You can play on your mobile device.

Yes, your mobile browser is 100% compatible with the game’s software and you can use your smartphone or tablet no matter where you are.

You can practice before playing for real.

This advantage is a serious flex of any self-respecting online gambling venue, and best online roulette casino called El Royale is certainly one of these casinos. The software provider and the developers provide you with the perfect opportunity to try a demo mode to “feel” the game before playing online roulette for real cash.

Online roulette has the same layout and rules as the real-life roulette.

Yes, that’s true. El Royale offers you the chance to play European and American Roulette that both feature identical rules to the original game.

This mode of playing suits both low and high-rollers.

The betting at El Royale starts at $1 and ends at $250, which is a substantial sum of money for an online casino. Plus, El Royale is known as one of the best online roulette casinos.

Online roulette is unbiased.

The random number generator(RNG) will never disappoint you in terms of trust and reliability when a sneaky dealer can surely do so. Whether you do or don’t have a negative experience playing roulette at a land-based casino, El Royale promises to deliver the best result without having to deal with a biased human factor. Moreover, this online gambling venue is the best online roulette casino, thanks to its eye-pleasing graphics and fast responsiveness of the website.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some answers to the questions you may still have:

Is online roulette legal?

That depends on the laws of a country in which the player lives. There are no federal rules in the US that ban playing online roulette. However, before playing online roulette, you should check if that’s legal in your particular country.

What numbers hit most in roulette?

There are no particular numbers that will surely guarantee your win. However, as some players and experts say, the number 17 is one the most hit numbers.

What is the safest bet in roulette?

The safest strategy for betting is to wager one sum of money at a time.

What's the best roulette strategy?

There are no particular strategies that will surely make you hit the win at roulette. However, players feel safer when using strategies, and one of the most popular ones is the Martingale strategy.