Suit ‘Em Up is another exciting release by RealTime Gaming with a side bet, classic gameplay, and more winning chances.

As you play Suit ‘Em Up at El Royale Casino, your aim will be getting 21 points and nothing more. And since most rules are similar to those of the standard Blackjack game, you’ll not have trouble learning the moves.

Suit ‘Em Up Rules & Table Limits

As we noted above, you can place the regular ante bet and a side bet while playing Suit ‘Em Up by RTG. And since the side bet doesn’t have a limit, you’ll follow the normal table limits.

Also, you can choose to ignore the side bet and only work with the main bet. Once you set your bet, you get your first 2 cards, which will greatly determine your payout. If you’re lucky to get 2 suited Aces, you win 60:1.

Remember, the Ante bet and the Side bet have no connection, and losing one doesn’t mean you lose the other. For instance, you can lose the main bet and win the side bet. It’s also worth noting that you can play with two, six, or eight cards.

How to Play Suit ‘Em Up at El Royale Casino

El Royale Casino has mobile-friendly settings that allow easy access to casino games via mobile. Also, there are tons of bonuses and promos from the moment you create your account so you can win more.

And for new players, you can play Suit ‘Em Up for free to build your skills in preparation for real money gaming. You also need to choose fewer decks to enhance your chance of winning the main bet. On the other hand, by choosing fewer decks, you lower your chance of winning your side bet.

As we said earlier in this review, you begin by setting your stake and move on to getting your 2 cards face up. The dealer will pick 1 card and wait until you hit, double, or even stand to reveal his hand.

If your first 2 cards amount to 21, you receive a Blackjack win with a 60:1 payout. If the dealer also has Blackjack, it’ll be considered a push, and you won’t lose your bet.

However, if the dealer has more points or you get more than 21 points, you bust.

Game Features and Point Values

Cards 2- 10: Face value

Aces: 1 or 11 points whichever is higher

Face Cards: 10 points

How to Win Suit ‘Em Up Game

Every time you get a Blackjack card, you automatically win except when the dealer also has it, and a push happens. Also, if your 21 points include 3+ cards, it is not a blackjack win.

If your focus is winning the main bet, choose fewer decks with a higher stake. But to win the side bet, the more the decks, the easier it is to win.

Don’t forget to practice more by playing for fun any time you get a chance.


Do I have to download Suit ‘Em Up game to play for real money?

No. You can access the instant play mode of your favorite game, which does not require downloading. And since El Royale Casino has a mobile-friendly interface, you’ll never have trouble playing your favorite Blackjack game.

How do I start playing Suit ‘Em Up at El Royale Casino?

To play for real money, you’ll have to sign up and deposit the funds you’ll use as a stake. To play for fun, however, you only need your mobile phone and good internet.

Is Suit ‘Em Up game fair?

Yes. Besides having been rigorously tested by RTG, the experts at El Royale Casino conducts regular quality checks. This way, the game will appear perfect on your screen, and whether you win or lose, it’ll be fair.


Suit ‘Em Up game is an exciting game that can earn you huge winnings. The game is easy to learn and play, whether you prefer mobile or PC gaming.

To boost your winning chances, you can run both the main bet and the side bet consecutively. If you lose the main bet, you have a chance of winning the side bet and vice versa.

Don’t forget that you don’t have to activate the side bet whose odds are not as good as the original bet.



Perfect Pairs

Perfect Pairs